Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Tacos: "A Great Moment for all America"

Quoth Ángel Pagán: "I feel happy that I brought everybody together in the United States and it’s a great moment for all America."

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2012: A Tacos Odyssey

Ah, free tacos.  Is there anything better?

Yesterday was free taco day, as any faithful reader of this blog already knows.  I hope that you were able to get your freebie.  I certainly collected my one four.  How was I able to multiply my free tacos, you ask?  Simple...

Odin's Day Oddity

Happy Halloween, everybody.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PFFL Week 8 recap

Pioneer Skies Stuns Record 6!

Pioneer Skies defeated Record 6 118.14 - 100.34 and got the highest point total in the league this week. Pioneer Skies (4-4) sits just two games back of Record 6 (6-2), but point totals show a much bigger gap, 1,078.64 - 730.06. Pioneer Skies played better than expected and scored 11.6% more than their projected 105.82 points, while Record 6 fell short of their projections and scored only 87.5% of a projected 114.61.

Pioneer Skies Smooth Moves
  • Lawrence Tynes had the highest score of any K in the league this season with 19.00 points.
  • The 36.28 points scored by Matthew Stafford was the second-highest QB score of the week and is the sixth-highest QB score in the league this season.
  • Denarius Moore ranked sixth in the league in scoring among WRs this week with 15.60 points.
  • The 15.40 points scored by Matt Forte was the eighth-highest score of any RB in the league this week.
  • Pioneer Skies was still able to pull out a win with only 5 of their 10 starters exceeding their projected points.
Record 6 Regret Tracker
  • Greg Zuerlein, who Record 6 picked up this week, scored below his 7.33-point projection with 1.00 point.
  • At the QB position, Record 6 got outscored 36.28 - 16.84 by Pioneer Skies.
  • Record 6 got outscored 19.00 - 1.00 by Pioneer Skies at the K position.
  • Victor Cruz scored a season-low 2.30 points, 19.6% of his projected 11.73, which is his lowest percentage of the year.
  • Tony Gonzalez had two season-lows this week. He scored a season-low 2.90 points and recorded only 34.6% of his 8.37-point projection.
What If

REMINDER: Free Taco this afternoon!

Today between 2pm and 6pm, it's taco time!

Tuesday Two-seam

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Seeing Marco Scutaro celebrate with the Giants...

Might be the closest the Rockies ever get to winning the World Series.

Or at least it sure feels like that.

Congratulations, Giants.  You make me sick.

Miggy goes BOOM!

The Tigers have their first lead of the World Series.

Watching the World Series in HD is great...

I can see Joe Buck's hair plugs!


Re: Demi Lovato...

"It's very vibrato..."

"And not in a good way!"

My Tigers themed Jack O'Lantern is a total failure

. . . just like the actual team during the World Series.

Sunday SIERA

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Killing time until the game... Laser Quest with my cuñados!

Baseball Dream Theater III

We went to Game Three of the World Series, but somehow it was being played in San Francisco instead of Detroit.  Our seats were in the upper deck behind home plate, but for some reason, when I looked at the field I had an angle from center field.  

Logically, there were Giants fans everywhere, but I did manage to spot two fans wearing Rockies gear.  One was in a Troy Tulowitzki jersey. 

During batting practice, I caught with my bare hands a foul ball that had ricocheted off a stair step behind and to the right of me.  There were a couple more foul balls hit near us, but none of the other fans were able to make a clean catch like me. 

Despite being a reliefer, former Rockies farmhand Al Albuquerque started the game for Detroit, rather than Anibal Sanchez. 

Saturday Shuuto

Phil Coke was drafted by the New York Yankees in 2002.  In 2009, the Yankees traded him to the Detroit Tigers as part of the three-team Curtis Granderson/Edwin Jackson/Austin Jackson/Max Scherzer/Ian Kennedy deal.  While he still played for the Yankees, he faced Miguel Cabrera only once.  Here is Coke recounting a discussion with Cabrera about that one at bat:

Friday, October 26, 2012

What to watch with no baseball games tonight

Friday Fathomings

Bruce Bochy seems to be winning the heart of our PFBL Champ.  Here's Bochy's witty NLCS exchange with Yadi Molina moments after Fat Panda fouled a pitch off his massive girth:

So is anyone else falling in love with Bochy and his freakishly enormous head?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

At least I'm not the only one...

Gotta love Prince's effort...

Fistbump: @cjzero

Better reception tonight...

Better game so far too.

OSITF Links: Don't Count the Tigers Out Yet

Over at Baseball Nation, Al Yellon looks at a few other times that the Detroit Tigers have lost game one of the World Series.  It's good reading.

Thor's Day Thoughts

During the playoffs its easy to talk about all the bad commercials that air over and over and over during the games.  But let's be positive for a minute here.  What is the best commercial you're seeing over and over and over during the postseason?

Here's my pick:

Wow.  Doesn't that just fill you with a large number of powerful emotions

First, the commercial is way better than the shameless profiteering of the NFL's cancer awareness campaign.  Then you have Jon Lester, the pitcher in the spot, who is a cancer survivor himself.  He also started game four of the World Series, which I attended in 2007.  He was also on a disappointing Red Sox team my disappointing fantasy baseball team this year.

It's just so much to take in, isn't it?

Anyway, here's a quick behind the scenes about the making of that commercial:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

This is not going how I hoped it would

A snowstorm has knocked out my reception of the World Series..

Here's hoping Barry Zito pitches as bad as he sings!

No really.  That was actually Barry Zito singing.

If your ears aren't bleeding yet, this next video about Patrick Duffy's nephew will do the trick:

Cheap Tacos - World Series Edition

I just want to make sure that everyone is aware of this promotion:

Projecting the 2012 World Series

On paper, the Detroit Tigers have the better offense, but since falling down three games to one in the NLCS, the San Francisco Giants outscored the Cardinals 20-1, so they seem to be firing on all cylinders.  With Valverde's playoff implosion, the Giants have the edge in the bullpen, but since game four of the ALDS, the starters for the Tigers have pitched well enough to go deep into the game, and Jim Leyland hasn't had to rely on his reliefers.  The 2012 World Series will probably come down to the starting pitching matchups.  Let's take a look, shall we?

Disclaimer: pitching matchups are subject to change.  The Giants have announced their plans going forward, and the Tigers have only announced their rotation through game four. The longer the Series goes, the more likely we can see changes.

Game 1: 10/24 - Justin Verlander v. Barry Zito
Edge: Tigers.  Verlander is a beast at the top of his game, and Zito will be facing a lineup with a lot of potent right handed hitters (Miguel Cabrera, Delmon Young, Austin Jackson, Omar Infante, Jhonny Peralta and Avisail García).

Game 2: 10/25 - Doug Fister v. Madison Bumgarner

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What to watch with no baseball game tonight...


If you want a closer look at what you just saw, io9 has a good screencap breakdown

If you think it was strikingly similar to the trailer of another recent superhero blockbuster, you're probably right.

So when can I pre-purchase my tickets?

Tuesday Two-seam

Losing 9-0 in game seven sure is a kick in the teeth, eh Mike Matheny?

Monday, October 22, 2012

I wish the Rox could have traded Marco Scutaro to the Nats

Ah well.  Congratulations, Marco.

Looks like it's monsoon season in San Francisco

Nobody knows exactly how much it rained on game seven, because there was so much that it broke the gauge that the National Weather Service uses.

Or maybe it's just the tears of Cardinals fans everywhere...

Who would you rather have win the NL pennant?

The National League teams I like better than the Giants include, but are not limited to: the Colorado Rockies, the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Washington Nationals, the St. Louis Cardinals, the Pittsburgh Pirates, the Milwaukee Brewers, the Cincinnati Reds, the Miami Marlins, the Houston Astros (yes, I'm still counting them as an NL team for now), and the Atlanta Braves.

Brian McKnight has a cool watch.

Much better than last night's ridiculous hat!

Why is a Marlins fan rooting for the Giants?

I don't get it.  This dude is clapping like crazy for the Giants. Doesn't he know that his jersey is the wrong shade of orange?

Wearing number seven for game seven


Monday Minutiæ

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another reason why I don't like the Giants

What is this?

I don't even.

Sunday SIERA

The NLCS resumes today.  The Cardinals missed a big opportunity to close out the series at home in game five.  Now, they will play in San Francisco facing Vogelsong, who won game two, and (most likely) Cain, if necessary.  But probably what hurts the most is the fact that the Cards were shutout by a pitcher who is crazy:

Hmm.  That reminds me of someone...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Saturday Shuuto

Hope everyone is excited for a full slate of no baseball today.

Oh well, here was a fun moment from the ALCS:

Friday, October 19, 2012

Baseball Dream Theater II

Even though it is happening two states away, we decide to go to today's Cardinal's game.  A trip to the box office successfully yields tickets to the game.  But, closer inspection on the way home shows that we have four tickets instead of two, and they aren't all together.  On the way back to the box office to clear everything up, a theft attempt is made on the backpack containing the tickets.  An unsuccessful attempt, that is.

Friday Fathomings

How have the Tigers been able to do so well against the Yankees?


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thor's Day Thoughts

I recognize that something like this is very whimsical, but somehow it just makes me want to root against the Giants that much harder.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Is he calling a squeeze play?

Did anyone else catch Yankees pitching coach Rob Thomson doing this during last night's game?

Twenty three years ago today...

This happened:

Odin's Day Oddity

I recognize that something like this is very whimsical, but somehow it just makes me want to root against the Giants that much harder.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Two-seam

I wonder just what in the world he is looking at inside his hat.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday SIERA

A week ago today, this was big news.

Fact: Tracy managed the team with the most losses in Rockies franchise history (64-98 in 2012).

Fact: Tracy also managed the team with the most wins in Rox franchise history (92-70 in 2009).

I, of course, have already nominated my candidate for the job.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Saturday Shuuto

One of 2012's most exciting games, according to the Hardball Times, was one in which the Colorado Rockies won.  Take a look:

Besides being an exciting game ended by a walkoff home run, I believe that the May 2nd win was very much a turning point in the Rockies 2012 season. 

Friday, October 12, 2012

Friday Fathomings

Who do I think should be the next manager of the Colorado Rockies?

This guy:

Vinny Castilla actually does have a little bit of managerial experience, but mostly I want him to be the next Rox skipper because I think he is really really cool.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I've heard about #Natitude, but this is ridiculous

Bryce Harper is seeing red.  Not that we didn't already know he has a temper.

Apparently wearing tinted contacts instead of sunglasses is an actual thing.

Odin's Day Oddity

No, Craig Sager, it isn't the crowd at Camden that's so loud.  It's actually just your suit.

If you can find a way to wear some dignified clothes, then we can talk about the horrible toupée.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday Two-seam

If you want yet another reason to root for the San Francisco Giants' elimination, here you go:

It could happen as soon as tonight.

Monday, October 8, 2012

OSITF links - AL LVP

Who was the Least Valuable Player for fantasy in the American League?  Who was a big part of the disappointing 6th place finish for Pioneer Skies?  Chris Cwik at RotoGraphs breaks it down.

Monday Minutiæ

More broadcasters need to call games with this maxim in mind:

*coughs* Tim McCarver *coughs*

Sunday, October 7, 2012

For once in my life...

I am wishing that I could watch the Yankees.  I'm about sick of football.

How exciting is a walkoff in the postseason?

So exciting that you drop a piece of sweet and sour chicken, which bounces off the table and onto your Broncos shirt, only to roll down your pants and go bounding across the floor?

 . . . yes. I daresay that a walkoff in the postseason is that exciting.  Go Tigers!

David Ortiz has found the next Red Sox manager


Sunday SIERA

If you caught last week's Sunday SIERA, you already know about Adam Greenberg's story.  Well, this is how he fared:

That's tough, going against a Cy Young-candidate knuckleballer.  But he can hold his head up high, because he has more MLB plate appearances than I will ever have. And at least he will get his own baseball card.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday Shuuto

The Houston Astros 2012 season in a microcosm:

I suppose it could be worse though...

Bad call, legitimate victory. The Cards won fair and square.

During the first ever National League Wild Card game, the umpires blew a big call during an important situation in the eighth inning.  See for yourself:

First off, that was a horrible call.   I know that the infield fly rule can be called even when the play is not in the infield.  Still, the ball was hit so far into the outfield, that there was no chance the baserunners could be duped into a double play.  How do we know?

Friday, October 5, 2012

Sick of the TBS commercials yet?

Not me.  This is what I get during the breaks in action.  I'm just assuming that the TBS commercials are bad, like they always are.

Stay classy, Atlanta

I haven't seen the likes of this since the 2007 NLCS.  In fact, I think a couple of PFBL members were at that game.

It works!

Check out POSTSEASON.TV on my phone (above) and my television (below).

Taking a Chance on POSTSEASON.TV

I'm going out on a limb.  Remember my view of the All-Star Game?

It appears to be . . . JAMMED!
That was how FOX looked on my TV in July.  My reception of TBS and MLB Network is even worse nonexistent.  Well, for the playoffs, I have taken drastic measures to ensure that I won't be stuck in the same predicament I encountered during the midsummer classic.  I have shelled out the $4.99 required to purchase POSTSEASON.TV

I'm not sure how it will turn out, but the notions of live batting practice, broadcast audio and ten camera angles have me rather excited.  Don't worry, I will strive to keep OSITF updated about my experiences with the streaming video service.

Who has two thumbs and is excited for the MLB playoffs?


Friday Fathomings

Tonight, Larry Jones Jr. will play what might be--what I hope will be--his last MLB game.  All season long, opposing teams have have honored him with tributes and gifts during his "farewell tour."

Well, OSITF will be no different.  In honor of the future hall of famer, here is my personal favorite highlight featuring Larry:

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Whither @dbacksbooth? A new job for @byrnes22?

These aren't the broadcasters you're looking for...
Sad news everyone: the Diamondbacks have announced that neither Mark Grace nor Daron Sutton will return to their broadcast booth next year.  I'm super bummed about this because Sutton and Gracie are were the best broadcast team in baseball.  They had the best chemistry and they made every telecast entertaining, even if the Dbacks were mired in a 97 loss season.

I understand that Grace needs time to address his substance abuse issues.  That needs to be the first priority in his life.  But why not Sutton?  The Dbacks have not said why he was sacked, other than it is a "personnel" issue--not a "personal" issue.  There have been some rumblings that he fell out of favor because he kept insisting on wearing a suit during the broadcasts, but the Dbacks organization has never confirmed or denied that speculation.

The Tribune names White Sox announcer Steve Stone and former Dbacks manager Bob Brenly as possible replacements.  Those sound like good choices, but I think a better/more entertaining analyst would be Eric Byrnes.

Regardless, I have my doubts that any replacements will be half a great as Sutton and Gracie were.

POLL: MLB Playoff Predictions

What do you think?

Who will win the 2012 World Series?

Here are my picks.  These are sure to go wrong.  As with all my predictions, these are determined in part by who I think will win, and in part by who I want to win.

Wild Card Round
Baltimore def. Texas
Atlanta def. St. Louis


Final 2012 PFBL Standings

Congratulations to Left Outs for winning the 2012 Percell Fantasy Baseball League.  The final standings are above, click to enlarge.  Expanded standings and statistics are after the jump.

One thing that's interesting is that for the first year in PFBL history, a team actually reached the maximum roster move limit.

Thor's Day Thoughts

With the MLB playoffs to kick off with tomorrow's wild card games, I would like to go on the record and declare the playoff teams for which I am rooting.  Additionally, I found the coolest hat for each team, in case you are interested in supporting them as well.

1) St. Louis Cardinals: it's hard to beat the redbird on the bat logo.

2) M

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Left Outs is the 2012 champion of the PFBL.

While the season total of 7765.33 points was certainly enough to claim the title, the Outs dominated the PFBL this year, holding first place for almost the entire season.  One Bad Pitch and BackSliders did challenge for first at times, but in the end, Left Outs proved to be the superior club.

At last, someone with the last name Percell has won the Percell Fantasy Baseball League.  The trophy is staying in Colorado, and Boulder county at that.  Congrats, Pop!

A thrilling update in the presidential race

Earlier today, for the first time ever, Teddy finally won.

Wednesday Walkoff

Today is the last day of the MLB regular season.  Today is the last game of the year for twenty MLB teams.  Today it doesn't feel right to just post the video of some random blooper.

If I had it in me, I would write some eloquent retrospective on the 2012 season.

But I'd rather sit back and just remember better times.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Poll: new PFBL scoring category

With the 2012 fantasy baseball season nearing an end, it is a convenient time to constructively evaluate the format and scoring settings of the Percell Fantasy Baseball League.  So, in the spirit of pursuing further perfection for the greatest fantasy baseball league known to mankind, I propose the addition of a scoring category in the PFBL: blog posts.

What say you, OSITF readers?  How many points should each PFBL owner earn per blog post that they write?

How many points should a blog post be worth in the PFBL?

Tuesday Two-seam

This was wild!

Monday, October 1, 2012

See Wrigley on a dime (or two, actually)

Cubs tickets for two bits?  Nah, that's too much.
Tonight the 99-loss Chicago Cubs host the 106-loss Houston Astros.  Tickets for this epic matchup of NL Central bottom feeders are not exactly a hot item.  On StubHub, tickets for tonight's game were posted for sale at $0.19 each.

And I thought Rockpile tickets were cheap!

As of press time, it appears those 19¢ tickets have been purchased, but plenty of tickets are still available with prices starting at under a dollar.  October baseball on the northside, catch it while you can.

Monday Minutiæ

I think Wilin Rosario has the same glove as Russell Nathan Coltrane Jeanson Martin...