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Pioneer Skies PFFL Draft Report Card


Draft Results
Powered by Automated Insights Despite a Formidable Set of WRs, Pioneer Skies Lands Closer to the Bottom Than the Top
Draft Grade: B

Pioneer Skies couldn't weave their second overall selection into fantasy gold. They're projected to end up sixth in The League with a mark of 5-8-0 (1,491 points). With their first five picks, Pioneer Skies focused on balance, selecting QB Cam Newton (39th overall), RBs Marshawn Lynch (2nd) and Steven Jackson (19th), and WRs Julio Jones (22nd) and Dez Bryant (42nd). They landed the best tandem of WRs in the league, as they added Jones and Bryant.

Keeper Analysis
Pioneer Skies used their only keeper position to hold on to Dez Bryant (14.1 ADP). From an ADP perspective, he is less valuable than a first-round draft pick.

The Season Ahead
With the most players (4) and most projected fantasy points on bye, Week 9 might require some waiver-wire magic from the coach of Pioneer Skies. They have one of the easiest slates in The League when factoring in opponents' projected points. In addition to having the second-easiest overall schedule, Pioneer Skies has the easiest first four games of the season. An especially easy stretch appears to start in Week 1, during which Pioneer Skies plays projected bottom-tier teams for two consecutive games.

Draft Notes
Sturdiest Slot: On a team with five better-than-average positions, RB is the best player grouping on Pioneer Skies (21.4% above the league average for that group).
It's How You Finish: Pioneer Skies had a strong finish, accumulating the most projected points in the league over the second half of the draft.
QB Controversy?: The coach of Pioneer Skies might need to flip a coin. Their top-drafted QB (Cam Newton) and second-drafted QB (Matthew Stafford) have very similar seasonal point projections.
Risk Hater: Actuaries love the drafting style of Pioneer Skies. They minimized risk by selecting six consistent players among their 16 picks.
Super Sleeper: With the hope of a breakout performance, Pioneer Skies grabbed DeAndre Hopkins with pick No. 139.
Well-Balanced: While the bottom half of the Pioneer Skies roster is one of the strongest in the league (ranked No. 1), the top of the roster is among the weakest (ranked No. 8).
Toyota Top Picks
Marshawn Lynch
1st Round (2nd Pick)
Feed the Beast: Marshawn Lynch figures to get the ball early and often, projected to finish ninth in the league with 320 touches.

Steven Jackson
2nd Round (19th Pick)
Traditionalist: Pioneer Skies stuck to the tried-and-true fantasy strategy of choosing RB-RB to start the draft, nabbing Marshawn Lynch and Steven Jackson right off the bat.

Julio Jones
3rd Round (22nd Pick)
PPR Powerhouse: Julio Jones will bring extra value if The has a PPR format, as he's projected to rank 10th in the NFL with 90 receptions.

Cam Newton
4th Round (39th Pick)
Dual-Threat Dynamo: Cam Newton can deliver wins with his arm and his legs. With 633 projected rushing yards, he ranks third among QBs in that category.

Dez Bryant
5th Round (42nd Pick)
The Heist Is On: The other league managers passed over a diamond in the rough. According to ADP, Pioneer Skies got a steal in snatching Dez Bryant in the fifth round (42nd overall pick vs. ADP of 14.1).

Calling an Audible
K, the only below-average position on Pioneer Skies, is projected to be 2.5% worse than the league average at that spot.

The following undrafted players may be worth considering:

Josh Brown
Rank: 246 ADP: 106.86   
David Akers
Rank: 250 ADP: 110.15   
Dan Bailey
Rank: 254 ADP: 133.44   
Mike Nugent
Rank: 256 ADP: 143.31

How We Grade
Draft grades are based strictly on teams' draft performances. This is calculated by counting the number of fantasy points teams are projected to score over the course of the season using their optimal line-ups. The grades do not take schedule into account. Because of bye weeks and other variables it is possible to earn a high grade yet be projected to finish in the middle of the pack. The opposite is also true. Bottom line: Fantasy Football is like the real game. You can draft the greatest talent in the world but you still need to manage your team every week to get the most out of that talent. As a wise man once said, "On any given Sunday..."

Powered by Automated Insights.

HEY DOWN IN ...behind?

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There's always a sequel...

I'm sure you all remember that time that John Hirschbeck went all Enrico Pallazzo...

Well for Lt. Frank Drebin, it was Naked Gun 2 1/2. For John Hirschbeck, it was trying to pick a fight with Yasiel Puig on Monday night. Naturally there are those in the media who will not watch the video, but will write stories about Puig needing an attitude adjustment. However, it's fairly clear that Major League Baseball needs to do something about the umpires.

Have we learned nothing from Todd?

Look, I know that Wade Miley isn't arb eligible until 2015, but lotto tickets?  Really???

I mean

Friday, August 16, 2013

This Week in Bats...

Not Joey Bats.  I mean actual bats, the flying rodent type.  On Sunday, there was one at the K:

Then on Wednesday, the Braves had a similar visitor:

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Cuddy has quick hands...

And I'm not just talking about his bat speed:

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Carl Lewis can pitch better than he can sing...

Here is how he pitches:

Not that good, huh?  Well, here is how he sings:

José is on fire!

So my man José Fernandez is starting tonight.  Here's what he did last time he took the bump:

Here's your

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Kids, don't do steroids.

Suspensions aside, they won't help you open those tricky little water bottles...

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A ninja on the mound?

Well, sort of...

Yeah, Snake Eyes is cool, but my absolute favorite was always

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Thank you @RockiesReview!

Guess what I received in the mail today this week...

That DVD was my prize from a recent contest held by Rockies Review, an excellent blog covering the Colorado Rockies.

If you're looking for a blog that actually has intelligent baseball analysis--as opposed to the asinine "content" of OSITF--then head over to Rockies Review and check it out.  Don't forget to follow @RockiesReview on Twitter as well.

Thanks David!