Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bay of Pigs 2013

Cuban defectors will be the story of the year in the MLB as they take the league by storm winning several coveted awards.  Finally, the World Series will culminate in back to back championships for the San Francisco Giants.  Bay of Pigs 2013; coming soon.

NL West
SF Giants
LA Dodgers*
Arizona Diamondbacks
SD Padres
Colorado Rockies

NL Central

Batting Practice

Happy Birthday, Jefe!

He looks so excited, doesn't he?
Have some fun today, bro!

Friday, March 29, 2013

An on time present...

I'm feelin' lucky today...

Without much further ado, my picks:

*********************** SPOILER ALERT ***********************

NL West

Tulo is an All Star off the field too!

During Spring Training, Troy Tulowitzki couldn't visit the Children's Hospital.  So he decided to bring the Children's Hospital to Spring Training:

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 Bold Predictions for an Unlucky Year

For any of you that suffer from Triskaidekaphobia, it may ease your mind to catch a glimpse of what lies ahead for this year.

Tampa Bay Rays
Baltimore Orioles
Toronto Blue Jays
Boston Red Sox
New York Yankees

AL Central

Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals*
Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Indians

¡Dios mío!

The necessary follow up to this morning's post:

El matador contra el "Baby Bull" . . .

I love this one!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

And the winner is . . .

Round Pick Player Position
1. (5) Joey Votto 1B
2. (16) Giancarlo Stanton OF
3. (25) CC Sabathia SP
4. (36) Jay Bruce OF
5. (45) Max Scherzer SP
6. (56) Mat Latos SP
7. (65) Asdrubal Cabrera SS
8. (76) Jose Altuve 2B
9. (85) Mark Trumbo 1B,3B,OF
10. (96) Joe Nathan RP
11. (105) David Price (k) SP
12. (116) John Axford RP
13. (125) David Ortiz 1B
14. (136) Justin Upton (k) OF
15. (145) Josh Reddick OF
16. (156) Josh Rutledge 2B,SS
17. (165) Alexi Ogando RP
18. (176) Marco Estrada SP,RP
19. (185) Chris Perez RP
20. (196) Kevin Youkilis 1B,3B
21. (205) Nick Markakis OF
22. (216)  Victor Martinez (k) C

PFBL 2013 Unofficial Draft Results

Read 'em and weep!

Overheard in the draft chat...

Bizarro Royals has selected Jason Heyward (ATL)

Colorado TumbleWeed: reach

Pioneer Skies: Nah, Jason Upton is a good player

The First overall (non-keeper) pick is...

Robbie Canó by Bizarro Royals!

Today is a big day!

The PFBL draft gets underway in a few hours, and it's also St. Patty's Day!

I don't know about you

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nothing Like Cramming for a Test...

We are officially less than 24 hours from draft time. Here's an inside look at the offices of the Colorado Tumbleweed, as the finishing touches are being applied to the Hunchmaster.
Draft Prep

Clubhouse chemistry in action...

You don't mess with the Johan.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Out Tumbling in the Field...

Spring training is the best!

Introducing the Colorado Tumbleweed 2013 Keepers

I'm sure this announcement will be of no surprise to any readers who read this post and were able to piece the code together. What I had been agonizing over for weeks, really boiled down to quite a simple decision. After following the numbers and the Colorado Tumbleweed have elected to keep the 3 players with the highest KV (Keeper Value) off of last year's roster.
Player                  Keeper Value
Stephen Strasburg       16.40737411
Bryce Harper            15.11660453
Troy Tulowitzki         13.94095904
Sure, there were several close 4ths, 5ths, and 6ths rounding out the top 10 players to choose from, but they'll just have to wait for draft day. It's hard to believe that the Colorado Tumbleweed are just a few short years removed from this gem, diamond in the rough if you will, of a keeper.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Hockey Game Breaks Out at the WBC

It's not surprising that a hockey game would break out at the World Baseball Classic when Team Canada is playing with Larry Walker as the first base coach.

Name change

As we begin the 2013 season some will notice that One Bad Pitch is no longer.  The team while making respectable finishes the last few years has not been able to put their name on the trophy again so management felt it was time for a change.  Thus Pancakes and Hammers has been born.
One might wonder why Pancakes and Hammers, well the owner of the team is a P1 of the Waddle and Silvy radio show on ESPN 1000.  One of their drops from a couple of years ago is from the great (also known as crazy) Bill Romanowski where he says, for reasons known only to him, "pancakes and hammers".  This strikes the owners funny bone and since the owner holds all the power the team name was born.  Hopefully Pancakes and Hammers can make Matt McAlexander the first name to appear on the Percell Fantasy Baseball League trophy twice.

This better not be from the set of Trouble With The Curve 2

I don't think I could stomach a sequel to that mediocre film.

Hopefully this just means that

Poor form, Scooter Gennett!

If that is your real name...

Everyone knows that

Friday, March 8, 2013

This just in

From headquarters of the PFBL Champion Left Outs with a blizzard bearing down on team offices and the Keeper Selection deadline looming-

It is with deepest regret that the Left Outs announce that due to the new PFBL Luxury Keeper Tax imposed this year by the tyranny of the majority, we will not be keeping Little Roy in the first round. This is a sad day for the entire management team of the Left Outs. We have watched him with great interest since his days as a standout in Legion ball. His uncle was a coworker of ours at two different companies, and his cousin was a team mate of the 'weeds manager. However in the best interest of the team, we feel it necessary to pass on keeping Little Roy for a fourth consecutive year.

In other news the Left Outs announce their remaining keeper plans.

In the ninth round and for the third consecutive year, the Left Outs keep the odds-on-favorite for AL Cy Young, Jered Weaver. Jered's outstanding potential and perennial domination of the junior circuit far out way the risk associated with his back problems and late season fatigue of last year. Now if he could just iron out that pitching motion and quit throwing across his body...

In the twentieth round and also for the third consecutive year, the Left Outs keep Joey Bats. Jose has been showing his old power form this spring after recovering from the wrist injury that shortened his 2012 season. Again we are out on a limb, but recognize Jose's wrist was likely weaken from carrying the Left Outs team the last three years.

And SAVING last year's best for the last round, the Left Outs keep 2012 Most Valuable Left Out, Fernando Rodney. With the change to PFBL rules regarding closers, we expect the position to be of even more value to team success and his performance last year demands keeper status even with the mighty Left Outs.

Forget the blizzard, find us some green grass, and bring on the draft. Let's lace 'em up and get after it.

Pioneer Skies 2013 Keepers

In the 11th round, Pioneer Skies keeps:

In the 14th round, Pioneer Skies keeps:

Jay Bruce is a bad actor.

To wit:

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's Been a Long Winter

I wondered why the baseball was getting bigger . . .

Maybe it's a WBC thing...

Maybe it isn't just Team China.  Maybe all WBC teams are incapable of running the bases:

For those keeping score at home, that was

A baguette for a pre-game meal?

Too much gluten for my tastes.

For posterity:

Monday, March 4, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

His "Ol' Blue Eyes" needs some work...

Here's Dbacks president Derrick Hall (pictured with the PFBL commish here) singing to some corporate sponsors: