Friday, November 7, 2014

Baseball Dream Theatre X

A visit to Livan Hernandez's mansion then leads (somehow) to a meeting of the world's best scientific minds, who have been tasked with solving the mystery of Hanjin, the baffling next step in human evolution.

Hanjin, a Korean-American youth, is stuck in what appears to be in a state of frozen timespace, eighteen inches above the concourse of AT&T Park, right behind home plate.  Nobody knows what is causing him to levitate off the ground.  Nobody knows why his arms are raised up or why his fists are emitting an unnatural white light.

Can this assembly of geniuses--and their unlikely addition--solve this mystery?  Or will they be overcome by the problems they face as their arrogant personalities collide?

Also, I think I might be reading too many X-Men comic books.