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There's a 1st for everything & Looking back at the PFBL draft

The "I homered before Albert Pujols" club closed it's door to new membership on Sunday afternoon with 272 players homering ahead of Pujols this season (according to Perhaps the best part of the 2-run dinger was the the Angels dugout celebration.

Only the Bizarro Royals can hope that this means bright days ahead for the Halos slugger, as the first round pick had only 34 points heading into Sunday. However, Pujols was not alone in the "I'm a first round pick and I've only scored 34 points so far this year" club. He's joined by Colorado Tumbleweed's Cliff Lee. Though Lee has somewhat more of a solid alibi having been sidelined  on the DL for the last few weeks. After the jump we'll take a deeper look back at breaking down the PFBL draft just over a month into the season.

The Left Outs are at the top of the league, and based on the first month of the season they clearly had the best draft, as the LO picks have averaged 64 points each so far this season. (note point totals are based on overall player performance, and not necessarily realized performance by the team owner).

Team Avg/Pick Total
Left Outs 64.36 1416
One Bad Pitch 62.86 1383
Bo Knows 57.64 1268
BackSliders 55.86 1229
Hosmer 54.82 1206
Bizarro Royals 53.77 1183
Colorado Tumbleweed 52.55 1156
Pioneer Skies 49.09 1080
Morales Low 47.59 1047
Bloomington  43.18 950

It will probably come as no surprise that the Left Outs have had the best performance from their keepers, netting 281 points. The best performing keepers are Left Outs Jared Weaver and Bizarro Royals Matt Kemp. However, Bizarro is off set with the biggest keeper bust in Michael Pineda. Jacoby Ellsbury also falls into the keeper bust category.

Team Keeper
Left Outs 281
Bo Knows 251
Colorado Tumbleweed 249
One Bad Pitch 247
Hosmer 238
Morales Low 233
Bloomington  216
Bizarro Royals 200
Pioneer Skies 199
BackSliders NA

Left Outs and Bo Knows made the most of their early picks, with their top 5 picks so far earning 370 points total. While the Colorado Tumbleweed hasn't realized much performance from their early picks, the team had the best bottom picks with 277 points out of their bottom 5 picks.

Team Top 5 Bot 5
Left Outs 370 273
Bo Knows 370 223
Bizarro Royals 363 246
BackSliders 363 187
Hosmer 357 158
One Bad Pitch 342 228
Morales Low 335 158
Pioneer Skies 334 234
Bloomington  267 251
Colorado Tumbleweed 141 277

While dropped picks don't necessarily signify how good a draft a team had, it certainly is an indication, as Bloomington Baseball, whose draftees have the lowest combined point total, has already dropped 8 of their picks.

Team Dropped Picks
Hosmer 2
Bizarro Royals 3
Left Outs 4
Morales Low 4
BackSliders 5
One Bad Pitch 5
Pioneer Skies 5
Colorado Tumbleweed 5
Bo Knows 6
Bloomington  8

The best non-keeper value pick overall would have to be Left Outs pick of Johnny Cueto in the 20th round, as he has already earned 99 points. However, the Left Outs dropped Cueto for Baltimore closer Jim Johnson on March 28th. At the time Left Outs owner posed the question, "
Which has more value, a sore backed closer on a cellar dwelling team or the league leader in face kicking?" Well as of May 5th, it appears to be the league leader in face kicking, as Johnson only has 78 points.

Other really good non-keeper picks so far this year are Jack Peavy (113 pts) in the 8th by Backsliders, James Shields (104 pts) in the 3rd by Bo Knows, and David Ortiz (100 pts) in the 15th by Backsliders.

The worst overall non-keeper draft pick goes to Colorado Tumbleweed's 4th round pick of Heath Bell who has -14 points so far on the year. The Tumbleweed really struck out when it came to picking closers, as their 7th round pick of Drew Storen has been sidelined on the DL all season. At least he hasn't blown any saves yet.

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