Friday, June 22, 2012

Basketball is over!

Apparently, some jerk's team became champion of basketball last night.  Unlike many others, I am content with this development, not that I like the team/players that won--which I don't--but instead because this now means basketball is over.  Baseball no longer has any significant competition on the landscape of American Sports.  Now when I have dinner at the local sports bar, I hopefully won't have to make a special request to put the Rockies game on just one of the fifty TVs they have.  Honestly, is anyone here really watching that offseason edition of NFL Live?  Without any audio?

Can you spot the baseball game?  I know it's difficult with that hottie in the picture.
I know what you're thinking, and yes, I realize that the Rockies aren't any good this year, and that the end of the basketball playoffs doesn't mean that interest in the Rockies is suddenly going skyrocket.  Any dedicated reader of this blog already knows that I am well aware of how bad the Rox are.  Still, baseball is now at center stage.  Maybe the Rockies game won't be prominent at the watering hole, but most likely a different baseball game will be.  Baseball is the national pastime, and for a few months it will have it's rightful place as the main focus of dignified sports media.  

Enjoy it, America.  Just don't order the Carolina Burger.  It's description makes it sound great, but the last time I ordered it, it made me sick.  Twice.

Go Rockies.

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