Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PFFL Standings - Week 12

Only two playoff spots remain.  If the season were over today, those spots would go to 3 & Out and Pioneer Skies.  Those two teams happen to be playing each other in week 13, the last week before the playoff start.

The only other team that has a chance at the postseason is Pancakes and Hammers, who needs to win this week and hope to best the loser of Pioneer Skies/3 & Out on a tiebreaker.  Tiebreaking rules for wild card spots are as follows:

1. Total fantasy points (season total).
2. Fantasy points scored in last week's matchup.
3. Fantasy points scored in the matchup two weeks prior.
4. The comparison continues until the tie is broken or no more weeks remain to compare. At that time, a coin flip will settle the tie.

Going into the final week of the fantasy regular season, Pancakes and Hammers has 24.54 fewer points than 3 & Out, and 126.48 fewer points than Pioneer Skies.

It's all coming down to the wire in the PFFL!

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