Tuesday, May 20, 2014

I was there: May 18, 2014


Yes, that was this play, which wasn't actually the most impressive play of the game--that would be the triple play which featured an out via interference, which was only the third time such a play had ever occurred.  All that, and I got a bobblehead too!  Who could ask for a better game?

What about you?  What is the most rare event you have ever witnessed at a baseball game?


  1. A naked guy diving head first into second base at Kaufman and then trying to scale the outfield wall. Good times.

  2. I saw Barry Bonds hit HR 762 to (like it or not) set the all time HR record. It deserves two asterisks, as really it was fan interference all the way, and would have been reversed in this day and age. Although I embrace the home run, as without it, game 163 in 2007 would never have been required, which was a bit amazing itself, which I was also at. With instant replay who knows how long that game might have taken.

    Another record, though not baseball, but I saw Matt Prater kick a 64-yard field goal to set the NFL record.