Friday, June 20, 2014

Entirely-too-early trade analysis...

Earlier this week, the following trade was consummated:

Since the aforementioned consummation, each of the three principal baseballers in the trade have had exactly one start.  For the sake of an irresponsibly hasty (and depressing) analysis, their results were as follows:

On Monday, Julio Teherán earned a no decision, allowing only one run over eight innings.

On Odin's Day, Gio González came off the disabled list to toss five innings, giving up four runs.

Additionally on Monday, Justin Verlander pitched four scoreless innings (!), followed by two more innings (in which he surrendered seven total earned runs).

Total fantasy points earned from these outings:
Teherán: +13
González: +4
Verlander: -1

Net points change from the trade:
Bo Knows: +13
Pioneer Skies: +3

EDGE: Bo Knows.

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