Tuesday, June 21, 2011

OSITF epic links - 6/21/11

Cigar-smoking octogenarian edition!

Jack "who's he?" McKeon is off to a good start...
but this would be taking it way too far.

A serious OSITF link: a detailed article on why Frank McCourt is a scumbag and must be given the Pete Rose treatment.

The best part of the most recent installment of Ozzie being Ozzie is the grin on Soto's face after the kick.

I admire this dedication, but this is taking it way too far.

It was a nice bounce pass, but John Wall should probably stick to basketball. Worst ever? You make the call.

Here is a first and a second look at Movieball.

A batboy reminisces.

Colby Lewis makes it look easy. (GIF edition)

Maybe Miguel Tejada was trying to get a head start on the next inning.

Last week the Mets lost in a balk-off. Carrasco didn't move very much, but the still frames show it was clearly a balk.

Looks like the Cubs are so bad that they have resorted to cloning a division rival's Cy Young winner. I suppose it is better than other methods (full explanation here). But perhaps most of their pain is just self-inflicted. I guess they all deserve a nice steak dinner tonight.

I laughed so hard I started crying when I read the latest power rankings based on stadium health code violations.

Nyjer Morgan is crazy. First, he unwittingly hits a walkoff double. Then, he gives a pair of hilarious interviews, where among other things he educates the world on Plushamentals, because of course, his gentlemen's name is apparently Tony Plush.

The Philly Phanatic takes it way too far.

The Great Giambino has the answers to all of life's difficult questions.

MiLB manager takes walkabout--this is why all MiLB games should be on TV.

I love Minnesota accents! [insert Ricky Rubio joke here]

GIF: sniper fire at third base.

Playing baseball in Capri pants is bad, but it could be much much worse.

Former Rockies infielder Mike McCoy pulls the string on DL Drew and Carl Crawford ...twice.

Maybe Crawford should just go back to defending the universe. Catch the entire saga here.

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  1. Ha, Love the Giambiano ad,
    and the Nyjer Morgan clips were great too.