Thursday, July 7, 2011

OSITF Links: Final Vote Edition

You will only find one link here: vote Alex Gordon & Todd Helton.

Time is running out to vote in the last man standing, MLB All-Star Game final vote. Currently there is slightly less than 5 hours before the polls close. Voting is unlimited so stuff as many ballots in the box as possible.


  1. I will repost my comment from the previous blog entry. I feel the voting for the last player to the all star game falls into this category:
    MLB awards are so political. Todd Helton is going to play in his 2000 game today. His stats bear out his talent, and the 2000 bears out his endurance. How many times was he passed over for an award because he played for the Rockies? TOO MANY! Maybe Fantasy Leagues evolved to give individual players recognition that the political organization fails to honor.

  2. eh, we don't need no stinking votes to know that our boy is & will always be an ALL STAR!