Monday, July 25, 2011

PFBL Standings 07/25/11

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Not sure why this hasn't happened sooner, but I have decided to start posting the PFBL standings each week. This will give the entire world a chance to see how their favorite PFBL team is faring in the league table. This will also be a good way to track rank changes and point accumulation on a weekly timeline. Enjoy!

This week, the first place Left Outs broke 5000 points. On the other end of the spectrum, the last place KC Comebacks finally made it to 4000 points. Colorado Tumbleweed's 33 roster transactions lead the league--they are 17 moves from reaching the 50 move maximum.

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  1. There is also a big disparity between the top half of the league and the bottom half. The difference between 1st place and 5th place is 267.33 points. The difference between 5th place and 6th place is 265.34 points. The PFBL trade deadline is August 28. It's starting to become clear who the buyers and sellers are going to be.