Monday, August 29, 2011

PFBL Standings 8/29/11

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Big news this week is that Pioneer Skies shot up the standings two spots from fourth place to second place. First place Bo Knows now has only a 70 point lead. Further down the league table, One Bad Pitch are only 52 points from passing Devil wears Prado for sixth place. Another close race is for eighth place, where Bizarro Royals has a slim 63 point lead over Hosmer & Record 6.

The league's trade deadline passed without any last minute deals. Bo Knows has enjoyed a steady lead for some time now, but the championship still hangs in the balance as only 158 points separate first place from fourth place.

Points change since last week
BK - 282.33
PS - 391
LO - 267.33
NBI - 261.33
CT - 278.66
DWP - 299.66
OBP - 324
BR - 209.67
H&R6 - 228
KCC - 237.67

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