Thursday, July 12, 2012

All Star Highlights

Sorry about that JT.
Here, you can share my view:

As well as some more selected highlights from the All Star festivities:

HOF display at Fan Fest

with the 2012 World Series Trophy

Royals' Tradition

Mascots Team Photo
Dressed and ready to go at Arrowhead

Inside the Royals' offices

Buster Posey w/ Lou Seal


AL Workout Day

Harold Reynolds w/ Strasburg and Gio


Royals' Cy Youngs


No. 3,000 Bat and Ball

Frank White's Gold Gloves

Joey Bats needs some reinforcement

My view of the HR Derby from the Dugout Suites

Big Mac

The HR Derby Racers

Prince Fielder goes yard in the HR Derby
(from the Royals' bullpen)

with Eric Stonestreet ("Cam" from Modern Family)

with Chord Overstreet ("Sam" from Glee)

Baxter at Fan Fest

He's not the best bunter

He's good with donations, though

Monster Bax

ASG Crown Ball

Slugger on the Red Carpet

My view of the Red Carpet

Looking back at the Interlocken (players' hotel)

Excited Fans

D. Baxter on the Red Carpet
(follow him @DbacksBaxter on Twitter)

Pregame Meal


with Derrick Hall, Dbacks President

Luke Bryan pregame concert

ASG 2012

Old Glory

Home Plate View

Aroldis lighting it up!

The man who made it all possible

View from the seats at night

MVP Melky

The MVP Presentation

Oh - and how could I forget?


with George Brett

Mission Accomplished!
My life is now complete.

PS - still waiting on a few slacker First Half All-Star MVPs. 
Post them to the League website.
The season resumes mañana!


  1. AWESOME!!! Did George Brett sign the ball you have been saving for decades?

  2. No signed ball. But shaking his hand, introducing myself, and snapping a pic with him was an incredible honor. Cloud Nine, baby!

  3. These pictures have been highly anticipated, and i must say they do not disappoint. I was not expecting the george brett photo at the end, very cool.

  4. Definitely rubbing elbows with the upper-crust of baseball! What a marvelous experience :-)