Friday, February 22, 2013

Baseball Dream Theater VII

While watching a Rockies game just after the season has started, I write a blog post that is heavily critical of the Rox, saying that they will never have success with the four man/piggyback rotation, which they have apparently implemented again. 

An inning or two after my post goes up, my phone starts ringing.  The person calling is Rangers pitcher Neftali Feliz, who proceeds to rip me to shreds for being so critical, after all the it is still very early in the season and I don't know the future and so on.  As politely as I can, I try to tell him that I respectfully disagree.  When the surreal call is over, I realize that Neftali's phone number was previously saved on my phone. 

A few minutes later, I get another call, this time from a number that my phone doesn't recognize.  It is Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt, who somehow has already won the home run derby already.  He doesn't have any opinion about my blog posts.  Instead, he tells me all about how how cool it is to win the home run derby, except that other people don't seem to care about it anymore, especially President Obama, who Goldschmidt has spent a long time trying to convince otherwise.

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