Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Thoughts about April

Today is May 1, 2013.  Today, the Colorado Rockies are in first place:

Because of that, recent history says the Rockies have a coin flip's chance of winning the division.  I'll take that!  It's a far cry from what I expected--or anyone else for that matter.

Still, the month of April doesn't mean that much . . .

I remember how things were a year ago.  In 2012, the Rockies went an even 11-11 in the month of April.  At the time, I was rather pleased that my favorite ballclub was a .500 team, as I didn't have very high expectations heading into the year--not unlike this season.  Unfortunately, within a matter of days, the Rockies' luck made a turn for the worse and a .500 team quickly became the worst in franchise history.

The first month of the 2013 season has proceeded a lot like the first month of the 2012 season, except to greater extremes.  This year, preseason expectations were much worse.  And yet, the Rockies have performed quite well, to the tune of a .593 winning percentage and sole possession of first place--albeit by a narrow margin.

I don't honestly expect the Rox' good fortune to continue for very long.  I feel as if the Rockies are Damocles, with the sword about to fall--as if, at any moment, the entire season could collapse upon itself like a dying star, with me left hoping against hope that the L column won't reach triple digits.  I am afraid that history might repeat itself--that 2012 might happen in 2013.

Even though I have trouble suppressing the pessimism, that hasn't prevented me from enjoying the Rockies' early success.  Every day that the Rox are above .500, I feel like posting a huge billboard of the NL West standings on this blog, if only to yell "IN YOUR FACE" at the NL West, at fate, and at altitude.  I have refrained from that, as it would probably just annoy the half dozen four readers of this blog.

Nevertheless, that's how much fun it has been to be a Rockies fan this April.  For however long the Rox can keep it going, I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.

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