Friday, March 29, 2013

I'm feelin' lucky today...

Without much further ado, my picks:

*********************** SPOILER ALERT ***********************

NL West
Arizona Diamondbacks
San Francisco Giants
Colorado Rockies
Los Angeles Doyers
San Diego Madres

NL Central
Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates*
St Louis Cardinals
Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs

NL East
Atlanta Braves
Washington Nationals*
Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets
Miami Marlins

AL West
Los Angeleheim Angels
Seattle Mariners*
Texas Rangers
Oakland Athletics
Houston Lastros

AL Central
Detroit Tigers
Cleveland Indians
Kansas City Royals
Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins

AL East
Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays*
New York Yankees
Baltimore Orioles
Boston Red Sox

Senior Circuit:
Manager: Kirk Gibson
Rookie: Nolan Arenado
Cy Young: Mat Latos
MVP: Joey Votto

Junior Circuit:
Manager: Eric Wedge
Rookie: Wil Myers
Cy Young: David Price
MVP: Mark Trumbo

Wild Card:
Washington def. Pittsburgh
Toronto def. Seattle

Cincinnati def. Washington
Atlanta def. Arizona

Detroit def. Toronto
Tampa Bay def. Los Angeleheim

Atlanta def. Cincinnati

Detroit def. Tampa Bay

2013 World Series:
Detroit def. Atlanta

My five asinine predictions:
1) The Rockies avoid a last place finish.
2) Ron Gardenhire resigns at the All Star break.
3) In August, Stephen Strasburg is shut down with a torn rotator cuff.
4) Buster Posey gets a new nickname: Busted PEDsey.
5) With yours truly in attendance, the Colorado Springs Sky Sox win the PCL Championship.

You can put it on the board.


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