Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Matt Carpenter: Colorado Tumbleweed 1st Half MVP

While the Colorado Tumbleweed have several all-star caliber players, the 1st half MVP of the team is Matt Carpenter. An undrafted free agent acquisition during spring training, Carpenter was originally picked up to provide depth at the second base position to Chase Utley, while being able to cover quite a bit of ground with his multiple-position eligibility. Carpenter quickly worked his way into the lineup as an everyday player, netting 284 points on the season (269 points while in the Tumbleweed lineup).

Carpenter was also named to the National League All-Star team. His point value comes from his ability to get on base, hit for extra bases, score, as well as drive in runs. He is a true all-around player, even flashing the leather on occasion. According to Baseball Reference, at the break Carpenter has posted 3.9 WAR and a 30.6 RE24.

There are a lot of Tumbleweeds having good years, which has a lot to do with the fact that the Tumbleweed are in third place, poised for a postseason run. However, other honorable mentions go to the biggest All-Star snubs of the year in Josh Donaldson, Mike Minor, and Yasiel Puig.

Donaldson was picked up on May 1st when David Freese was off to a slow start. Donaldson continued his tear, and Freese lost his roster spot two weeks later. Donaldson has posted a 4.3 WAR and a 31.7 RE24.

While some thought Mike Minor was a reach at the time, as a 10th round draft pick this year, he has out scored all other 10th rounders, except for Mariano Rivera and Joe Nathan. "Mike Minor is who we thought he is," said Tumbleweed owner Jeff Percell. Minor has posted 260 points over 122 innings pitched with 9 wins and a 115:26 K:BB ratio. Minor has a 2.1 WAR and a 11.6 RE24 at the break.

The player the Tumbleweed front office is most excited about, however, is Yasiel Puig. While Puig didn't make the Dodgers roster out of Spring Training, the Tumbleweed were the wiser, making room for him as Spring Training wound down. In fact, the team temporarily placed Mike Minor on waivers in order to clear room for him, until a player was placed on the Disabled List and Minor could be added back later in the week.

Puig, the Wild Horse, as some have called him, has taken Major League Baseball by storm. In just 38 short games, Puig has posted 116 fantasy points, averaging .74 fantasy points per plate appearance, 2nd most of any hitter on the Tumbleweed to SS Troy Tulowitzki, who is at .85 fantasy points per PA. Puig is batting a few ticks under .400 and has posted 2.7 WAR and 14 RE24.

¡Que Viva Tumbleweed! ¡Viva Puig! #LegendOfPuig

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