Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Pioneer Skies 1st Half MVP

Without much further ado, my 1st half MVP is...

Max Scherzer, tonight's American League All-Star Game starter, has racked up a whopping 334.67 points and shown that he can mow down even the league's best.

He's been a stud for quite some time now:

Being the best pitcher on your team is an incredible accomplishment when you have a teammate named Verlander!

If you ask me, I say it's gotta be the eyes!

Honorable mentions to Joe Nathan, with 307.67 points thanks to 30 saves and an epic beard, as well as David Ortiz a/k/a Big Papí, who has a blistering 290 points in 287 ABs.


  1. And for the Left Outs - Adrian Beltre!

  2. This dog is outgrowing the puppy stage.