Saturday, January 25, 2014

Baseball Dream Theater VIII

The entire PFBL attended a Rockies game at Coors Field.  They were playing the Royals.

In the top of the 5th inning, I left my seat to go buy some nachos.  In that same 5th inning, none other than George Brett entered the game as a pinch hitter.  He wrote a #5 jersey, but for some reason the name on the back said "Schmidt."

My constitutional for nachos took a pause.  Brett singled in the at bat, but not before lining a foul ball into the right field seats, where I happened to be standing.  The ball deflected off of a few empty seats and bounced right to me.  I pounced on the ball and discovered that it was actually a softball!  The seats it had glanced off of had cut a couple of rips in it.

Looking back at the game, the PA announcer informed the crowd that the first MLB at bat featuring a regulation softball had just taken place.  Brett, now on first base, took his lead off of the bag with flair--he was moonwalking!  The pitcher quickly threw over to first, but Brett made it back safely.

As I made my way back to my seat, the inning ended.  Rather than retreating to the dugout, Brett bypassed it and went up into the stands, eventually reaching the concourse.  I made my way to him and convinced him to autograph my softball.  He then took off in the direction of a beer stand.

I returned to my seat and showed off my prized souvenir, unconcerned that I didn't end up getting any nachos.


  1. Just so long as he didn't sign it "Mike Schmidt."

  2. I remember watching George Brett play softball with you at Coors Field in 1998. I don't recall the bit about nachos and autographs and I believe we were sitting on the left field side. Oh and I only have 5 tickets for when the Royals are in town in August. So we'll have to get some more if the whole league is coming.

  3. Great memories JT :-) Enjoyed the story!