Friday, April 17, 2015

My thoughts on the new Star Wars trailer...

The new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is out.  Watch it now:

My thoughts, complete with time stamp references to the above video:

0:10- Ah, the Lucasfilm logo.  Seeing this appear gives me flashbacks of when I watched the first fifteen seconds of the Episode I trailer over and over and over and over and over as it tried to load over a dial-up modem.

0:17- This view of a desert landscape, seen as the camera pans from left to right, also reminds me of the Episode I trailer, specifically its second shot which is of a desert landscape, seen as the camera pans from left to right.

0:40- The half-melted Darth Vader mask!  Is it me, or does this somewhat look like the alien-human hybrid from Alien 4?  You know, this ugly monster:

0:45- A cyborg hand reaches out to an Astromech droid.  "He's more machine now, than man . . ."

0:52- Whose lightsaber is that?  Vader's fell down a pit in Death Star II and Luke chucked his away soon after that.  This is tough to catch, but the hand that first holds that lightsaber is not a human one.  See:

0:57- While the screen is black, the voiceover--gotta be Luke Skywalker--says "You have that power too."  Listen carefully to the inflection of the voice on the word "too."  Could he possibly be asking a question?  You have that power too??

1:07- This pilot was seen in the first teaser trailer.  Apparently his name is Poe Dameron.  If it doesn't turn out that he is related to Jek Porkins, I am going to be very disappointed.

1:10- This bad guy has a distinct "G.I. Joe Villain" look to him, like a black fabric cross between Cobra Commander and Firefly.

1:18- This part, featuring a lot of cool looking ships and chrometroopers, uses music that sounds a lot like what was played when Yoda lifted Luke's X-Wing out of the swamp, but the music isn't exactly the same.  The first trailer did the same type of thing, when it used music that was very similar to the start of the Sail Barge Assault, but not exactly the same.

1:27- This Millennium Falcon/TIE Fighter chase appears to be part of the same sequence shown in the first trailer.  Those derelict engines that the Falcon flies through appear to be from a Super Star Destroyer, don't they?

1:35- Finally, the big reveal.  My reaction:

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