Friday, February 24, 2012

The Inner Uriah Heep

Dave Cameron at Fangraphs writes:
This is the unfortunate power of confirmation bias. As humans, we often take incomplete bits of information and force them into a predetermined world view because they reinforce our current belief system, and we’re wired to want to be right about things. So, despite the fact that we’re often handed pieces of information that should fall far short of being the basis for a strong opinion, we take that information as evidence that the thing we already believed to be true is indeed true, and we fortify our opinions to the point where our conclusions far outstrip what actual evidence we have.
In Colorado, a two hour delay in specimen collection is enough to get a Driving Under the Influence Per Se charge dismissed. Did you know that?
Still, the most important part of this story is the fact that I have four 1st-round-caliber batters, but I can only keep two. Decisions, decisions...


  1. I didn't know there was a two hour delay in specimen collection to dismiss a DUI in Colorado. But I will take the word of a lawyer, per se, any day. Also, if the cops stop a person with that charge in mind, the person should start the clock and stall.

    1. Not the best legal advice there.