Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Rockies sweep is more rare than a perfect game!*

EY Jr. is safe!  Photo from his twitter.

*This season.
Yesterday in Seattle, Félix Hernández threw a perfect game: twenty-seven up, twenty-seven down.  Yesterday in Denver, the Rockies beat the Milwaukee Brewers 7-6 thanks to a walkoff double by Tyler Colvin, completing a three game sweep of the Brew Crew.  One might think that the perfecto was the most uncommon thing to occur yesterday, but this year that is not the case.  

The walkoff improved the Rockies' record to 44-71.  Their current winning percentage, .383, projects as a 62-100 record over a full season.  This week's sweep over the Brewers was only the second time this year that the Rockies have swept an opponent.  The other time the Rockies broke out the brooms was after a four game sweep of the lowly Houston Astros during the last week of May.  That's it.  Only two sweeps for the Rockies this season.

Perfect games?  There have only been 23 in MLB history, but they are happening all the time this year, or so it seems.  Philip Humber had the first perfecto of 2012 against the Mariners on April 21.  Matt Cain had his against the Astros on June 13.  And, after yesterday's dominating performance by Félix Hernández, 2012 has become the first season with three perfect games in MLB history.

So in the context of this year, the Rockies series sweep is more rare than a perfect game.  Honestly, aren't you getting sick of seeing highlights like these:

Me neither.

Congrats Phil, Matt and Félix.  Go Rockies!

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