Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thor's Day Thoughts

David Cone won the 1994 AL Cy Young award with the Kansas City Royals.  David Cone is now an announcer for the New York Yankees on the YES Network, where he drops timely references like this:

Alright, so Rapper's Delight is one of the greatest songs of all time.  But it came out in 1979.  Do you have any more modern references, Coney?

Ugh.  I'm sorry I asked.  You know what, I'm starting to worry about the producers at the YES Network.


  1. That's Wyclef: "Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn... And if your girl acts up at the Carnival well then you take her friend..."
    Way to go Coney! "Don't stare too deep into those eyes..."

  2. Listened to the lead video again. The best part is the very end:
    —"When Sid was up, you would yell that from the bench ("Up-jump the Boogie")?"
    —"Well, yeah."

  3. Rapper's Delight is classic. Cone is classic. I may have to actually start watching some Yankees games.

    ... and the beat don't stop till the break of dawn...