Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Model Basketball Observers!!

What an exciting, high-flying basketball play, no?  Indeed it is, but is it really a reason to lose one's well-maintained demeanor?  Is it reason enough to justify an undignified outburst?  More than one author has analyzed what is the model way to observe a baseball game, but what of basketball?  Just what is the best way to observe an athletic feat such as the one depicted above?

First, let's watch that very play in real time:

After viewing, one finds that, during the process of throwing it down, Dre actually committed a charge, a prohibited basketball offense, punishable by change of possession and/or free throw(s).  Indeed, what at first glance appears to be an exciting "dunk" is actually a "foul" that harm's one's basketball squad, rather than benefits it.  With that knowledge now known, the quality of an observer's decorum becomes even more imperative.  Heaven forbid that an observer would celebrate such a play that negatively affects his or her preferred basketball team.

Upon close inspection of the observers of this contest, only two display proper behavior that is fitting of a basketball observer.  If one examines this three-frame sequence, most attendees in the audience display various degrees of either unrestrained elation or uncouth shock.  Most, but not all.  Take note of the proper comportment of the couple highlighted by the faint red box:

Indeed, that couple is none other than this author's loving parents.  And while their model basketball observership should be noted and praised, there is a greater reason to feature them in such a blog post as this.

Today is Jerry and Faith Percell's 40th Wedding Anniversary!

Besides being an excellent example of how one ought best observe a basketball contest, this couple has even more so modeled a proper, God-honoring marriage.  For their example, I, my wife, my siblings, as well as all others who know them and look up to them are in their debt.

Here's to another forty years together!  May the Lord continue to bless your union, and may the basketball games you enjoy together be many, many more!

I love you, Mom and Dad!  Congratulations!


  1. How strange to have a full basketball game review on a baseball blog.
    Jerry says it was a bad call. He's right. Perhaps that is how we managed 40 years so far...always saying he's right. :))

    For many years, we've had a poster hanging in our home:
    From out of left field, this research from Howard Markman, director of the University of Denver's Center for Marital and Family Studies: He tells us that divorce rate in cities with major league baseball teams is nearly one-fourth lower than in burgs without teams or those currently trying to get franchises.
    So he's pitching this theory that if your marriage is in trouble, you should take your spouse to the ballgame. 'It may help keep couples together by providing them with a cheap and enjoyable form of entertainment.' And you don't have to be Dr. Ruth to know that having fun together is one of the most crucial elements of a successful marriage. At the very least, it's a good excuse for fans to enjoy a game."

    Jerry and I have enjoyed lots of cheap entertainment since we have gone to lots and lots of baseball, basketball and football game.

    I'm happy to be married to the Left Outs owner. It's been a good year - Left Outs are the champions - and it's been a great 40 years.

  2. Two thumbs up on your post John! :-)
    "...this couple has even more so modeled a proper, God-honoring marriage. For their example, I, my wife, my siblings, as well as all others who know them and look up to them are in their debt."
    Well said!