Thursday, December 20, 2012

OSITF Namesake

Behind any great name is a great story. This blog is no exception. As many might not realize the significance, I thought I would call it to light.

Several years ago, back when Guns 'N Roses song Paradise City was a hot new hit, the Backsliders owner Melinda and her family were out visiting Colorado as they frequently did. Melinda and Bloomington Baseball owner Jay came across a relic, similar to this balloon. The two found it so humorous that the phrase caught on and it became a bit of a running joke. When it came time for the Percell Family Fantasy Baseball League to warrant a blog, the name was an obvious choice for the same reasons as to why the phrase caught the attention of Jay and Melinda.

You see, the picture of a cow out standing in the field reminded them of the field beside Grandma and Grandpa Percell's house in Bethany, MO. Recently I was thumbing through the archives of Keith Percell and found several photos of the exact field, circa 1970.
Out Standing in the Field
The name was quite fitting for the Percell Family Fantasy Baseball League blog, as the field was more than just a cow pasture. It was a baseball diamond. According to the inscription, the backstop was built in 1966 by Jerry Percell. Then rebuilt in Spring '67. Bye Jerry? And in July '67 buy Bill Ward!!!
Sharon in front of the backstop
Warren Percell recollected the field having played host to many great games. The cow would even occasionally join in the fun. He recalled that you were to run through first base, but if the cow was behind you, you'd run through them all.
Here (presumably) Jerry and Dean share a game of catch.
I remember playing on the field as well. We would often use old cow pies for bases. The trick was steering clear of the fresh ones.


  1. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a cow that joined in.

  2. That's right. He said it was a bull.