Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Optimisim for the Feesh

Yesterday, OSitF ran a post about the sad state in which the Miami Minnows Marlins find themselves.  Now, OSitF does not have any kind of anti-Marlins bias, aside from a healthy disgust for Jeffrey Loria.  In the interest of balanced journalism blogging, OSitF would now like to highlight a major reason for fans of the Fighting Plankton to have some optimism.

Aside from Giancarlo Stanton, the Feesh have one thing going for them, 20 year old Cuban RHP José Fernandez:

You heard that correctly, his breaking ball has a nickname:

Not bad for a kid that skipped Double-A and Triple-A entirely, eh?  What is his third pitch, you ask?  It's a changeup, and it is good.

So there you go, Marlins fans (all 15 of you).  You can enjoy watching that kid dominate for years to come--or at least until Loria trades him for unnecessary salary relief.

I wonder if Fernandez is owned in the PFBL . . .

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  1. Optimism indeed...