Monday, April 29, 2013

OSitF Weekend Highlights

In case you were too wrapped up in the NFL Draft this past weekend, OSitF has assembled the best displays (as determined subjectively by me) of fielding, speed, and power for your enjoyment.

Let's get it all cracking with this awesome catch by Josh RutLEDGEND:

The Rockies saw their division lead evaporate as the Dbacks took three of four.  Both teams are now tied for first in the NL West.  The silver lining for the Rox is that the Nolan Arenado era has begun.  In the PFBL, Arenado was quickly claimed by Bo Knows.  Yours truly is currently wondering how many keepers it will take to pry Arenado loose in a trade.

The weekend's most impressive feat of baserunning belongs to Tony Campana, who pulled off these three steals in succession:

Pretty cool, huh?  Unrelated: this is a cool hat.

Giancarlo Stanton got off the schneid, hitting his first homerun of the season with this massive blast on Saturday:

"Massacred" is right!  Stanton kept things rolling on Sunday, when he did this:

If you're craving more, video of David Price's nine punchouts can be seen at

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