Monday, April 1, 2013

PFBL Standings 4/1/13

Earlier today, at about 4pm Rocky Mountain Time, the PFBL league table looked like this:

Please note, that isn't the totals for the day, it is the cumulative season standings.

The 2013 fantasy baseball season is not off to a good start for the Pioneer Skies.

I guess it's like my pappy always used to say . . .
"It's always better to fall behind early, that way you have more time to make the comeback."


  1. I think it was Bob Brenly (when recounting a story of his teammates who encouraged him to eat extra doughnuts for breakfast when catching a knuckleballer so that he would be closer to the ground) who said, 'You gotta remember, these are the same guys who told me: 'if you go up to the plate and you feel like you're going to ground into a double play, just strike out.'" Classic.

  2. That image reminds me of a Van Halen song.... Standing on top of the world... for a little while...

    And that moment has passed already..