Saturday, May 21, 2011

Exhibition Season

The abomination of interleague play is back. I guess that means the Brewers are back in the American League. Interleague play is the worst thing to happen to baseball, second only to steroids. ...and the Red Sox winning the World Series. Interleague play is a gimmick that Bud Selig uses to pander to the large market teams. It is obscene and needs to be done away with.

And I'm not the only one who feels this way.


  1. And abomination of abominations, FOX is choosing to show the Yankees-Mets game in Colorado as their MLB game of the week, causing the Rockies-Brewers game to be blacked out and unavailable. Bud Selig needs to stop worrying about the Dodgers 'historic' ( issues and focus on Major League Baseball's historic issues.

  2. Selig is a MLB historic issue!

    Well said all. I may have to set aside my dislike for Leyland to agree with part of what he said. The "do away with it" part - not the "it was a brilliant idea" part.

    And if the American league wants to start playing REAL baseball - scrap the DH. DH would make my top 5 list of worst things in baseball. Note that we have no DH in PFBL.

    Let the season resume!

  3. The PFBL does have two Util spots though. And defense/errors don't impact scoring at all...

    Your top 5 gripes might make a great blog post. That, and a tribute to the HK...

  4. I don't like interleague when it's west vs. central or east vs. west etc. but as a fan of the Cubs when it is central vs. central I do enjoy it. There are so many teams in a close area that it's nice to get to watch my team play in Minnesota or K.C. and of course to play the White Sox.