Thursday, May 26, 2011

OSITF links - 5/26/11

R.I.P. Buster Posey's left leg.

AJ saves W
This still frame of that play reminds me of another classic foul ball photo. ...which then reminds me of this photo, which at least is better than this one.

Something good finally comes from Twitter, but only because of Brandon Phillips.

Roy Halladay--I would expect nothing less from a Colorado native.

Home field advantage, Rocky Mountain edition.

Jay had a post last week about rainouts. Buried in the comments to that post was a link to this illustrative graph about this year's weather.

What did Yogi Berra say about baseball being a mental game? Félix Hernández and Carlos Ruiz should probably heed that advice...


  1. You know what would be cool? If that gif wouldn't take so long to reload everytime I have to click back to OSITF from one of the links. Or if the links opened in another window. That would be even cooler...

  2. The best is the ump's shrug at Ruiz after he throws down to third. That or the look on Nolan Ryan's face at the end of the 'W' clip. Also if you let that video roll into the next one in the play list, you'll find out that Tumbleweed's own Edwin Jackson may not always have his head in the game:

    Oh, and I gotta say, it's good to see some good press about my second baseman BPeezy. Being a Cardinals fan, it's hard to stomach having him on my roster, so every bit of good press about the kid helps.

    On a more somber note, don't slide down any handrails next time you're at the ball park:

  3. JT,
    This just might be the greatest set of links posted 'in the Field yet!

  4. Thanks Regan! Here's hoping the Rockies can take the NL West with the Giants shorthanded.