Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's about stinking time!

Yahoo has finally released a fantasy baseball app for android devices. It allows you to check stats, points, standings, as well as add/drop players or make daily roster changes anytime on your battered Droid 2 or other android OS device. I don't know whether this app is available on RIM devices or the i*hone, but frankly I don't care.

While I did get the app immediately, a few things are still bugging me. First, this app is finally available six weeks after the season started. Yahoo should have had this ready to go in spring training.

Moreover, at first glance the app only looks to have generic if not bare-bones features. For instance, free agent searches cannot be sorted by fantasy points. Seriously Yahoo? I understand if you don't throw in transaction trends or position eligibility charts, but be sure to include all the essentials.

I guess even the best ideas sometimes go wrong, right Mike Scioscia?

Speaking of long overdue mobile apps... Jeff, when will the OSITF app be released?


  1. Why did this article appear and then disappear? Thanks for the heads up on the app, it has been downloaded.

  2. Oh good it wasn't just me that had that happen.

  3. Thanks for the review JT. I thought that this might be the driving force for me to ditch the bberry in favor of the Evo, but perhaps I should wait it out a bit longer.

    Y! doesn't have an app for the blackberry (at least not my version of it). I find the native browser to be sufficient enough for checking standings, adjusting my lineup, rejecting trades, and occasionally making roster moves, but that's about it. However, I have heard of people with newer blackberries that have a hard time even logging into the site.