Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Hall of Fame Announcement Day!

The results of this year's Hall of Fame voting will be announced later today.  I suppose I could fill this space by discussing who would get a vote on my fictitious ballot.  But, honestly, did you really come here to read an inane post about steroids and Alan Trammell statistics?

. . . no?  I didn't think so.

Instead, here is Gregg Zaun hitting a home run, the walkoff grand slam variety:

I post this video today, when the Baseball Hall of Fame will dominate sports news all day, because it gives the viewer an visual example of what it looks like when Gregg Zaun hits a home run to right field.  On July 26, 1999, Zaun hit a home run to right field in the annual Hall of Fame Game at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, New York.

This was a very unique home run because just before he mashed that tater, Zaun stepped out of the batter's box and called his shot to right field.  Sadly, no video of this feat exists.  However, a few years ago Zaun gave all the details to Jordan Bastian of  It's a great read about a rare baseball feat.

The best part is Zaun's quote at the bottom of the page:

"I must have met 100,000 people that claim they were there for that."

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