Thursday, January 24, 2013

He's going back to a simpler place and time...

He kept dreaming
That some day he'd be a star
A superstar
. . .
But now he's leaving . . .

Justin Upton is going to Georgia.

You read that correctly.  The Arizona Diamondbacks have traded this guy:

The Atlanta Braves now have the best outfield in the National League, featuring Jason Heyward and these two:

J-Up truly has five tools.  To wit, (1) Speed:

(2) Contact:

(3) Arm:

(4) Glove:

And (5) Power:

And the Dbacks gave him up.  Or perhaps gave up on him.

Either way, he's leaving.


  1. Thanks for rubbing salt in the wounds, JT...
    Sad day for the Dbacks.

    1. But they got more gritty, who cares about talent if you have grit.

    2. As bad as this offseason has been for the Rockies ( ), losing Bauer and Upton might be worse. I don't know, I find that I don't like the Dbacks quite as much now that they don't have Sutton and Gracie in the booth. Anyway, the silver lining to this trade, is that it has the potential to be very very good for my fantasy team . . .

  2. I love train songs...
    Go, gonna board, gonna board,
    Gonna board the midnight train.