Sunday, March 30, 2014

5 bold predictions for the year of the horse

With the Major League Baseball season more than a week old at this point, it's a little too late to predict that Adrian Gonzalez will lead the majors in stolen bases entering day 4 of scheduled play. And it's too late for the Phillies to change their names to the Fillies in hopes of garnering any luck associated with the Chinese zodiac. However, it's not too late to publish my annual prognostications.

New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles
Tampa Bay Rays
Toronto Blue Jays

Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals*
Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins
Cleveland Indians

Los Angeles Angels
Texas Rangers*
Oakland Athletics
Seatle Mariners
Houston Astros

Washington Nationals
Atlanta Braves*
Philadelphia Phillies
Miami Marlins
New York Mets

St. Louis Cardinals
Pittsburgh Pirates
Cincinnati Reds
Milwaukee Brewers
Chicago Cubs

Los Angeles Dodgers
Arizona Diamondbacks*
San Francisco Giants
San Diego Padres
Colorado Rockies

AL Wild Card: Royals over Rangers 5-2.
NL Wild Card: Dbacks over Bravos 7-3.

Angels over Royals 3 games to 1.
Tigers over Yankees 3 games to 2.

Nationals over DBacks 3 games to 1.
Cardinals over Dodgers 3 games to 2.

Angels over Tigers 4 games to 1.

Nationals over Cardinals 4 games to 3.

Nationals over Angels 4 games to 1.

AL MVP - Mike Trout
AL Cy Young - Yu Darvish
AL ROY - Yordano Ventura
AL MGR - Ned Yost

NL MVP - Yasiel Puig "The Wild Horse"
NL Cy Young - Jose Fernandez
NL ROY - Billy Hamilton
NL MGR - Matt Williams

And now for the bold predictions:

5. The Houston Astros will not lose 100 games.
4. The Colorado Rockies will be the worst team in baseball and the Monforts will agree to sell the team.
3. Halfway through his farewell tour, Bud Selig will renounce his retirement and declare that the 2015 season will open in Cuba with a series between the Miami Marlins and the Los Angeles Dodgers.
2. MLB Advanced Media will introduce a new tracking system that describes the affect of tectonic plate movements on the motion of a knuckleball.
1. Not-so-instant replay will reveal that Barry Bonds Home Run #762 was really fan interference, and he will receive a 270-game suspension for PED usage, retroactive to before the 2005 season. His stats from the 2005-2007 seasons will be stricken from the record, leaving him 3rd all time in Home Runs with 703.

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