Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The hat you want for the 2014 baseball season

Baseball season is here!  Spring training games are well underway.  Your league's fantasy draft has taken place.  Yes, it's only a matter of time before you are at the ballpark yourself, enjoying an early season game while craving something to drink since you have eaten too many salted in shell peanuts.

Inevitably, the start of every baseball season creates in you a growing desire to get a new cap, as much to celebrate the end of winter as to support your favorite team.  The desire hits you every year, whether you end up acting on it or not.  Maybe you didn't buy a new hat last season.  Maybe you found the perfect baseball hat two years ago and haven't been looking for a new one.  Regardless, the hat you want for the 2014 baseball season has been found.

It's this one:

Structurally, it has everything you want in a hat, as it's a low profile, mesh textured flex-fit.  You also appreciate how it differs subtly from the team's actual on-field batting practice hat.  And while you are well aware that the alternate BP logo has been criticized as too minor league—even though you haven't finally decided how much you agree with that criticism—you still find such a MiLB-esque logo fitting, given the team's consistent poor performance and their ever-ready willingness to send some of their best players elsewhere.

There it is, dear reader.  What you do from here—whether it be actually purchasing the hat or merely adding it to a wish list on the website of an online retailer that shares a name with the longest river in the western hemisphere—is entirely up to you.

Aut Vincam Aut Periam

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