Friday, March 8, 2013

This just in

From headquarters of the PFBL Champion Left Outs with a blizzard bearing down on team offices and the Keeper Selection deadline looming-

It is with deepest regret that the Left Outs announce that due to the new PFBL Luxury Keeper Tax imposed this year by the tyranny of the majority, we will not be keeping Little Roy in the first round. This is a sad day for the entire management team of the Left Outs. We have watched him with great interest since his days as a standout in Legion ball. His uncle was a coworker of ours at two different companies, and his cousin was a team mate of the 'weeds manager. However in the best interest of the team, we feel it necessary to pass on keeping Little Roy for a fourth consecutive year.

In other news the Left Outs announce their remaining keeper plans.

In the ninth round and for the third consecutive year, the Left Outs keep the odds-on-favorite for AL Cy Young, Jered Weaver. Jered's outstanding potential and perennial domination of the junior circuit far out way the risk associated with his back problems and late season fatigue of last year. Now if he could just iron out that pitching motion and quit throwing across his body...

In the twentieth round and also for the third consecutive year, the Left Outs keep Joey Bats. Jose has been showing his old power form this spring after recovering from the wrist injury that shortened his 2012 season. Again we are out on a limb, but recognize Jose's wrist was likely weaken from carrying the Left Outs team the last three years.

And SAVING last year's best for the last round, the Left Outs keep 2012 Most Valuable Left Out, Fernando Rodney. With the change to PFBL rules regarding closers, we expect the position to be of even more value to team success and his performance last year demands keeper status even with the mighty Left Outs.

Forget the blizzard, find us some green grass, and bring on the draft. Let's lace 'em up and get after it.

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  1. You can go ahead and keep your "odds-on-favorite for the AL Cy Young" who has a bad back and fatigue issues...

    I'll keep the ACTUAL American League Cy Young Award winner.