Thursday, March 14, 2013

Introducing the Colorado Tumbleweed 2013 Keepers

I'm sure this announcement will be of no surprise to any readers who read this post and were able to piece the code together. What I had been agonizing over for weeks, really boiled down to quite a simple decision. After following the numbers and the Colorado Tumbleweed have elected to keep the 3 players with the highest KV (Keeper Value) off of last year's roster.
Player                  Keeper Value
Stephen Strasburg       16.40737411
Bryce Harper            15.11660453
Troy Tulowitzki         13.94095904
Sure, there were several close 4ths, 5ths, and 6ths rounding out the top 10 players to choose from, but they'll just have to wait for draft day. It's hard to believe that the Colorado Tumbleweed are just a few short years removed from this gem, diamond in the rough if you will, of a keeper.

Kid, keep up those no hitters or they'll be looking for you back at Soda Pop Valley.

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  1. Cool under pressure, as always.
    "Do I have ketchup on my shirt?" "How does that look?"