Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Maybe it's a WBC thing...

Maybe it isn't just Team China.  Maybe all WBC teams are incapable of running the bases:

For those keeping score at home, that was a 1-5-6-4 double caught stealing DP.


  1. Also, what you don't hear in this clip is Bob Brenly call this play immediately before it happened. I think his exact line was somethinglike, "They're getting a little aggressive on the base paths: I wouldn't be surprised to see a pickoff move here." And then roll this clip.
    For those DBacks fans bummed out to have lost both Sutton and Gracie from the booth, they can take some solace knowing that at least they have Brenly. Sure, he's not Gracie, but I'd say he's the next best thing.

    1. Predicting the future must be a requirement to work the Dbacks' TV broadcast: