Saturday, March 9, 2013

Name change

As we begin the 2013 season some will notice that One Bad Pitch is no longer.  The team while making respectable finishes the last few years has not been able to put their name on the trophy again so management felt it was time for a change.  Thus Pancakes and Hammers has been born.
One might wonder why Pancakes and Hammers, well the owner of the team is a P1 of the Waddle and Silvy radio show on ESPN 1000.  One of their drops from a couple of years ago is from the great (also known as crazy) Bill Romanowski where he says, for reasons known only to him, "pancakes and hammers".  This strikes the owners funny bone and since the owner holds all the power the team name was born.  Hopefully Pancakes and Hammers can make Matt McAlexander the first name to appear on the Percell Fantasy Baseball League trophy twice.


  1. Waddle and Silvy, huh? I'm more of a Boers and Berenstein guy, myself.

  2. Must have been during his 'roid days.