Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Buying or Selling?

As I sit here writing this, my boys in powder blue have just gone in to extra innings for the 4th time in 10 games. Over that span they are 6-3 with this game yet to be decided. Win or lose tonight, one thing I'll say, is they have been in every game but one and it was only a 3 run loss. So, I'm struggling here; I know I'm biased, I WANT this to be real, but I've been burned before.

I guess the real question is, are you Buying or Selling the Royals in this very young season?

What's to like:
  1. They have been very competitive
  2. They are young and don't know better
  3. Situational hitting has been really good so far
  4. Want to see some young stud arms? Watch Crow and Collins pitch! Collins just came in to a tied ballgame to replace Crow in the bottom of the 9th. Who was the 5'7" rookie brought in to face with a runner on first and one out? Jim freaking Thome. End result? Extra innings.
  5. About that bullpen... How about Joakim Soria? That guy is fearless.
  6. Everybody knows about the farm system... More young guys are on the way.

What's not to like:
  1. Starting pitchers? Luke Hochevar was the opening day starter? Nothing against Hoch, but is this our ace? If not him, then who? Bruce Chen, a resurgent Jeff Francis, Kyle Davies? We don't even have a 5th starter yet.
  2. They are young and don't know better (can this be a like and a dislike?)
  3. Face it, this offense is going to be anemic at times.
  4. Not exactly a 'star'studded lineup. Billy Butler is by far the star of this team. I like Billy, but I'm not sure he'd be a star on any other team.
  5. See the subject of my previous post... What's Gordon gonna do? Is this finally the year?
  6. Everybody knows about the farm system... More young guys are on the way--where are we going to fit these guys in?
So what say you? Are you Buying or Selling? Let's hear it in the comments...
I know I'm buying the fact that they've been fun to watch.

**An aside, the Royals just lost to the Twins in the 10th, I guess Tejada wasn't the right guy to replace Collins with.**


  1. If you're asking, do I think the Royals can finish third this year? The answer is yes. In fact I actually picked them to finish 2nd in the AL Central somehow. I'm not really sure how I came up with that. Either way, don't get too excited. Cleveland is 8-2 and in first place, which should tell you about how worthless records and standings are at this point. Women have some rule about wearing white before Memorial day or something. For men the equivalent is don't look at the standings before Memorial Day.

    Don't sleep on Jeff Franchise. If it weren't for Sports Illustrated cursing him in 2007, the Rockies win the World Series.

  2. I'm buying.
    But like you, I'm biased.
    I'll consider it a long-term investment, especially looking to cash-in in 2012, 2013 and 2014.

  3. I'm just enjoying the ride. Will it last? I don't know, but it sure is fun right now, and as Jay says, the future looks bright.

  4. Rain is on the way, and I see lightning in the distance, so tonight's game may well be called. Or at least postponed. I have to say though.. I'm in. Its hard not to be when they are working so hard to win the love. I know, I know.. its early...