Saturday, April 2, 2011

Of Rox and Men

Baseball fans!
Baseball fans!
Attention please.
I know it can be difficult,
I understand the challenge,
but when you attend a Major League Baseball game please, oh please, make an attempt...just please be good enough to take a shot at wearing garments bearing the name and logo of one team or the other that is presently occupying the field before you.
I don't care if it is that evil division rival's jersey, indeed i would expect no less.
To me the biggest offense at a game is attending...oh, let's say a Diamondbacks vs Rockies ball game and sporting a Derrek Lee Chicago Cubs jersey.
I don't care to get involved in the Rockies v. Cubs debate that rages in our fantasy league, I leave that to other Cubs and Cardinals fans that are owners in our dear league. However, it just so happens that I observed a fine young American cavorting about in a Derrek Lee Cubs jersey at Coors Field. I'm sorry, but when did Derrek Lee even last play for the Cubs???
Well folks, I looked it up in case you were as curious as I, according to Mr. Lee's Wikipedia entry, on August 18th of last year Lee was traded to the Atlanta Braves (only to sign with a dismal American League Baltimore Orioles squad in December) so the answer is approximately 8 months ago...alas, I digress.
I'm trying to make a point here, and the point is that when attending a D-Backs vs Rockies game, I merely implore you to at least have the decency to don the appropriate teams colors of either said baseball club. Even the hideous aqua and purple retro D-Backs combo gets my nod of approval.
This can be done. I know it will be hard to accept at first. But here is basically how it goes:
At Coors Field you may wear Black, Purple, Silver and White colors to represent the home team.
You may not wear:
a Derrek Lee baseball jersey, unless an interleague matchup between the Rockies and Orioles was taking place.
You may not wear a Yankees jersey into the hallowed confines unless the Yanks are in town.
Sorry, but you're going to have to leave the Red Sox hoody in your closet on your hanger, at your home.
I know you may be somewhat interested in representing New York City by wearing a Mets cap to Coors Field, but really that just won't fly, take it to Queens. Mr. Met and that lowly outfit need all your support at Citi Field.
Alright, alright. Maybe all this pent up aggression, regarding the appropriate team gear to wear at the stadium, is due to the fact that I saw something yesterday that I was not expecting, to see.
I can't believe a team with a lead-off hitter by the name of Willie Bloomquist (pictured below), defeated my beloved Rockies...


  1. Thank you for sitting next to me for a little while at Opening Day even though I did not sport a team logo. A purple plaid shirt was good enough for me.

  2. What about the ultra-retro St. Louis Browns jersey we saw on Friday? I thought it was pretty awesome. Does it help that the guy wearing it looked old enough to have played for them back in the day?

    Where would such a jersey be appropriate? A Cardinal's game? Or a Baltimore Orioles game?

    At least it wasn't this bad:

  3. I disagree. When we went to a Royals/A's game last summer in KC I wore my Cubs hat and likely a Cubs shirt because that is almost half my wardrobe. I have no desire to purchase either Royals or A's attire because I don't like either team. I went to the game because I enjoy baseball and I don't care if everyone else knows that I am a neutral observer. I imagine that the Royals will gladly take my money no matter what team garb I am wearing.

  4. While I do not agree with Matt's choice of garb, I do support his freedom to choose it!

    Left Outs going for the early lead in Blown Saves with 2 already today and another opportunity in the night game.

  5. I'm with Matt and Jerry. Wear whatever team colors you want. And I say, if you want to wear the jersey of a guy who had a cup of coffee for your team in '83 and never played another day, go for it.

  6. Of course this is America and you can and should be able to wear what you want... but you should also exercise common sense and decency. I suppose the fact that you should not want to let everyone know that you are a Cubs fan may be a point lost on some people. But I digress, I would say it's not that you "have" to wear garb from one of the teams that are playing, but if you're going to be impartial, just don't wear gear from some team that is not involved in the game at hand.