Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Time at the Rockies - Opening Day 2011

Opening Day in Colorado finds 40 percent of our team owners at the Rox/Dbacks game enjoying the partly cloudy 70 degree day. Given the highly competitive, if not sometimes cut-throat nature of our league, we had to spread across 2 sections. There were other fans to consider!

If you have very sharp eyes, you may spot two of our owners in this picture. Hint they are both right next to the field.

As one blogger has already breached the subject of fan etiquette, which is more objectionable - rooting for your fantasy player at the expense of the home team or showing more interest in getting enough runs for cheap tacos no matter who wins. Well, the former is a long recognized negative for the fantasy game and prevented some from participation for years (see Fantasyland, 2006 by Sam Walker). Considering the taco factor could launch us down the slippery slope of decrying the commercialization of the game.

But while we are at that precipice, can we call for the return of the full time scoreboard at the stadiums? Even the simple line score board has been replaced with the over glitzed, Las Vegas shaming, super hi-def video panels. Now I am not complaining about the great wealth of information these modern marvels can display (though at least get the stats correct, Rockies - Way off on the hits/AB for many of the players during much of the opener). But as soon as there is a break in the action and the true fan would like to see the score board - forget it - its replaced with some awful advertising. Or just when the game is getting interesting, its blasting some fan- offending command such as MAKE SOME NOISE! This isn't a pinball arcade. By the way, have they sold naming rights to the WAVE? (See the Buffs Tuba Cheer now sponsored by Crocs)

I know this is "professional sports", but lets keep the essential elements proven through the decades.

For the new season, Fox Sports Net Rocky Mountain becomes ROOT SPORTS. Well, in game two at the seventh inning stretch with Rox announcer, Drew, loudly stating the score of Rockies 3 Diamondbacks 0, their graphic shows Arizona 6 Colorado 3. Not very close. Not a good start for the new brand. This is the major leagues people.

Most importantly, the opener was a great day, good company, excellent weather, interesting game going back and forth, and bonus frames. The down sides of a loss for the home team, horrible calls by the boys in blue (as validated by video replay and the visitors broadcaster), and some bad defense by both teams could not offset the good news that baseball's back and the grass is green. Always love the flyover.

PS. Definition of Springtime at the Rockies-

  • game one April 1st 70 degrees and sunny,

  • game two April 2nd 84 degrees and sunny,

  • game three April 3rd postponed due to rain and snow and temps in the 30's.

A brick in the Wynkoop walk.


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  2. Cheap tacos help the food budget.

  3. I'm all for cheap tacos!! May the Rockies keep 'em comin' :-)
    Sorry about the scoreboard though!

    Looks like it was a perfect opening day. Thanks for letting me get a peek at the fun.