Monday, April 18, 2011

Stacks of Cash & Standings

It's often talked about here in KC during baseball season... Money, Payroll, Small Market, Large Market, the Yankees!! Isn't it amazing that one Álex Rodriguez makes almost as much as the entire roster of Royals? Isn't it more amazing that we are currently sporting a similar record (10-5 vs 9-5)?

Because of this, I thought it would be interesting to see who's "Payroll" was the highest in our fantasy league and if it had any correlation to the standings.

The results of my search were slightly surprising.
*A few disclaimers:
Either way, here it is by highest "Payroll"-Current standings in ( ):
  1. Record 6 - $ 195,604,826 (10)
  2. One Bad Pitch - $ 187,372,000 (6)
  3. Left Outs - $ 180,488,142 (1)
  4. Colorado Tumbleweed - $ 171,916,428 (5)
  5. KC Comebacks - $ 160,324,422 (9)
  6. Bizarro Royals - $ 157,937,680 (7)
  7. Pioneer Skies - $ 154,795,833 (4)
  8. Devil Wears Prado - $ 136,860,167 (8)
  9. Normal Baseball Inc. - $ 116,053,466 (3)
  10. Bo Knows - $ 102,942,519 (2)
So, it looks like there isn't a correlation between Payroll and Standings, at least in Fantasy. Also, we don't exactly field "Small Market" teams here in Percell Fantasy Baseball.

Ta-Ta for now!


  1. I need to get more bang for my buck. Looking at my roster I'm surprised it's that high, guess I just like the big $ guys.

  2. Mine's so low as I have a lot of younger players, most of whom must still be playing out their rookie contracts. They haven't cashed in yet, but they will. These kids are good!

  3. I admit I do not pay much attention to the who's or how's or what's of fantasy drafting and although I understand there is no salary cap in baseball, I do think it would be interesting to add a salary component to drafting. It probably wouldn't change things seeing that the gap between the highest paid team and lowest paid team in the league isn't much but I do think it would lead to more planning and strategizing come drafting day.

  4. Heather, Are you saying there isn't enough planning and strategizing for Draft Day now? I'd hate to see the guys sitting with calculators amidst all the stacks and stacks of statistics.

  5. I think I set a bad example in prep this year... Guess it could explain why my team has made the "Surprising Season" poll while floundering at the bottom of the league.

  6. Aren't they already sitting with calculators? Or is that just my husband? There is alot of planning and strategizing now but if there was a budget, they would really have to pick and choose who is worth it and who isn't.

  7. Here's a very good graphical illustration of salary vs. performance for MLB:

    It's not updated for 2011 yet, but it's interesting to look at previous years.