Saturday, March 24, 2012

PFBL 2012 Draft Results

Round 1
Miguel Cabrera (Det - 1B) BackSliders
Albert Pujols (LAA - 1B) Bizarro Royals
Ryan Braun (Mil - OF) Hosmer & Record 6
Hanley Ramirez (Mia - SS) Devil wears Prado
Adrian Gonzalez (Bos - 1B) One Bad Pitch
Cliff Lee (Phi - SP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Prince Fielder (Det - 1B) Bloomington Baseball
Curtis Granderson (NYY - OF) Left Outs
Jose Reyes (Mia - SS) Pioneer Skies
Robinson Cano (NYY - 2B) Bo Knows

Round 2

Mark Teixeira (NYY - 1B) Bo Knows
Dustin Pedroia (Bos - 2B) Pioneer Skies
Michael Young (Tex - 1B,2B,3B) Left Outs
Tim Lincecum (SF - SP) Bloomington Baseball
Brandon Phillips (Cin - 2B) Colorado TumbleWeed
Adrian Beltre (Tex - 3B) One Bad Pitch
CC Sabathia (NYY - SP) Devil wears Prado
Giancarlo Stanton (Mia - OF) Hosmer & Record 6
Cole Hamels (Phi - SP) Bizarro Royals
Matt Holliday (StL - OF) BackSliders

Round 3

Matt Cain (SF - SP) BackSliders
Matt Kemp [keeper] (LAD - OF) Bizarro Royals
Andrew McCutchen (Pit - OF) Hosmer & Record 6
Justin Verlander [keeper] (Det - SP) Devil wears Prado
Carlos Santana (Cle - C,1B) One Bad Pitch
Dan Haren (LAA - SP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Ben Zobrist (TB - 2B,OF) Bloomington Baseball
Ian Kennedy (Ari - SP) Left Outs
Jon Lester (Bos - SP) Pioneer Skies
James Shields (TB - SP) Bo Knows

Round 4

Evan Longoria [keeper] (TB - 3B) Bo Knows
David Wright (NYM - 3B) Pioneer Skies
Roy Halladay [keeper] (Phi - SP) Left Outs
Buster Posey (SF - C) Bloomington Baseball
Heath Bell (Mia - RP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Hunter Pence (Phi - OF) One Bad Pitch
Ryan Zimmerman (Was - 3B) Devil wears Prado
Ian Kinsler [keeper] (Tex - 2B) Hosmer & Record 6
Elvis Andrus (Tex - SS) Bizarro Royals
Dan Uggla (Atl - 2B) BackSliders

Round 5

Shane Victorino (Phi - OF) BackSliders
Mike Napoli (Tex - C,1B) Bizarro Royals
Brett Lawrie (Tor - 3B) Hosmer & Record 6
Nelson Cruz (Tex - OF) Devil wears Prado
Jay Bruce (Cin - OF) One Bad Pitch
Lance Berkman (StL - 1B,OF) Colorado TumbleWeed
Yovani Gallardo (Mil - SP) Bloomington Baseball
Asdrubal Cabrera (Cle - SS) Left Outs
Joey Votto [keeper] (Cin - 1B) Pioneer Skies
Clayton Kershaw [keeper] (LAD - SP) Bo Knows

Round 6

Jimmy Rollins (Phi - SS) Bo Knows
Shin-Soo Choo (Cle - OF) Pioneer Skies
Jonathan Papelbon (Phi - RP) Left Outs
Michael Morse (Was - 1B,OF) Bloomington Baseball
Troy Tulowitzki [keeper] (Col - SS) Colorado TumbleWeed
Alex Rodriguez (NYY - 3B) One Bad Pitch
Brian McCann (Atl - C) Devil wears Prado
Mariano Rivera (NYY - RP) Hosmer & Record 6
John Axford (Mil - RP) Bizarro Royals
Joel Hanrahan (Pit - RP) BackSliders

Round 7

Aramis Ramirez (Mil - 3B) BackSliders
Yu Darvish (Tex - SP) Bizarro Royals
Madison Bumgarner (SF - SP) Hosmer & Record 6
Jason Heyward (Atl - OF) Devil wears Prado
Michael Cuddyer (Col - 1B,2B,OF) One Bad Pitch
Drew Storen (Was - RP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Mat Latos (Cin - SP) Bloomington Baseball
Miguel Montero (Ari - C) Left Outs
Carl Crawford (Bos - OF) Pioneer Skies
Carlos Gonzalez [keeper] (Col - OF) Bo Knows

Round 8

J.J. Putz (Ari - RP) Bo Knows
Jordan Walden (LAA - RP) Pioneer Skies
Howie Kendrick (LAA - 1B,2B,OF) Left Outs
David Freese (StL - 3B) Bloomington Baseball
Pablo Sandoval (SF - 1B,3B) Colorado TumbleWeed
Kevin Youkilis (Bos - 1B,3B) One Bad Pitch
Jose Valverde (Det - RP) Devil wears Prado
Dee Gordon (LAD - SS) Hosmer & Record 6
Josh Johnson (Mia - SP) Bizarro Royals
Jake Peavy (CWS - SP) BackSliders

Round 9

Jayson Werth (Was - OF) BackSliders
Michael Bourn (Atl - OF) Bizarro Royals
Brian Wilson (SF - RP) Hosmer & Record 6
Josh Beckett (Bos - SP) Devil wears Prado
Josh Hamilton [keeper] (Tex - OF) One Bad Pitch
Melky Cabrera (SF - OF) Colorado TumbleWeed
Ryan Madson (Cin - RP) Bloomington Baseball
Carlos Beltran (StL - OF) Left Outs
Jacoby Ellsbury [keeper] (Bos - OF) Pioneer Skies
Matt Wieters (Bal - C) Bo Knows

Round 10

Andrew Bailey (Bos - RP) Bo Knows
Tommy Hanson (Atl - SP) Pioneer Skies
Paul Konerko (CWS - 1B) Left Outs
Daniel Hudson (Ari - SP) Bloomington Baseball
C.J. Wilson [keeper] (LAA - SP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Felix Hernandez [keeper] (Sea - SP) One Bad Pitch
Ryan Howard (Phi - 1B) Devil wears Prado
Matt Moore (TB - RP) Hosmer & Record 6
Rickie Weeks (Mil - 2B) Bizarro Royals
Alexei Ramirez (CWS - SS) BackSliders

Round 11

Alex Avila (Det - C) BackSliders
Jesus Montero (Sea - Util) Bizarro Royals
Matt Garza (ChC - SP) Hosmer & Record 6
Zack Greinke [keeper] (Mil - SP) Devil wears Prado
Gio Gonzalez (Was - SP) One Bad Pitch
Joe Mauer (Min - C,1B) Colorado TumbleWeed
Max Scherzer (Det - SP) Bloomington Baseball
Jered Weaver [keeper] (LAA - SP) Left Outs
Sergio Santos (Tor - RP) Pioneer Skies
Ricky Romero (Tor - SP) Bo Knows

Round 12

B.J. Upton (TB - OF) Bo Knows
Carlos Marmol (ChC - RP) Pioneer Skies
Drew Stubbs (Cin - OF) Left Outs
Jason Motte (StL - RP) Bloomington Baseball
Ichiro Suzuki (Sea - OF) Colorado TumbleWeed
Huston Street (SD - RP) One Bad Pitch
Ubaldo Jimenez (Cle - SP) Devil wears Prado
Billy Butler (KC - 1B) Hosmer & Record 6
Brandon League (Sea - RP) Bizarro Royals
Rafael Betancourt (Col - RP) BackSliders

Round 13

Anibal Sanchez (Mia - SP) BackSliders
Chase Utley (Phi - 2B) Bizarro Royals
Joe Nathan (Tex - RP) Hosmer & Record 6
Kendrys Morales (LAA - 1B,OF) Devil wears Prado
Corey Hart (Mil - OF) One Bad Pitch
Ervin Santana (LAA - SP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Logan Morrison (Mia - OF) Bloomington Baseball
Jaime Garcia (StL - SP) Left Outs
Brett Myers (Hou - SP) Pioneer Skies
Jordan Zimmermann (Was - SP) Bo Knows

Round 14

Javy Guerra (LAD - RP) Bo Knows
David Price [keeper] (TB - SP) Pioneer Skies
Kyle Farnsworth (TB - RP) Left Outs
Justin Upton [keeper] (Ari - OF) Bloomington Baseball
Yoenis Cespedes (Oak - OF) Colorado TumbleWeed
Chris Perez (Cle - RP) One Bad Pitch
Andre Ethier (LAD - OF) Devil wears Prado
Yadier Molina (StL - C) Hosmer & Record 6
Martin Prado (Atl - 3B,OF) Bizarro Royals
Brett Gardner (NYY - OF) BackSliders

Round 15

David Ortiz (Bos - Util) BackSliders
Neftali Feliz (Tex - RP) Bizarro Royals
Paul Goldschmidt (Ari - 1B) Hosmer & Record 6
Tim Hudson (Atl - SP) Devil wears Prado
Ryan Dempster (ChC - SP) One Bad Pitch
Colby Lewis (Tex - SP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Jeremy Hellickson (TB - SP) Bloomington Baseball
Emilio Bonifacio (Mia - 3B,SS,OF) Left Outs
Brandon Morrow (Tor - SP) Pioneer Skies
Chris Young (Ari - OF) Bo Knows

Round 16

Adam Jones (Bal - OF) Bo Knows
Cory Luebke (SD - SP,RP) Pioneer Skies
Kyle Lohse (StL - SP) Left Outs
Brandon Belt (SF - 1B,OF) Bloomington Baseball
Derek Jeter (NYY - SS) Colorado TumbleWeed
Derek Holland (Tex - SP) One Bad Pitch
Mark Trumbo (LAA - 1B,OF) Devil wears Prado
Nick Swisher (NYY - 1B,OF) Hosmer & Record 6
Clay Buchholz (Bos - SP) Bizarro Royals
Chris Carpenter (StL - SP) BackSliders

Round 17

Matt Capps (Min - RP) BackSliders
Dustin Ackley (Sea - 2B) Bizarro Royals
Shaun Marcum (Mil - SP) Hosmer & Record 6
Ryan Roberts (Ari - 2B,3B) Devil wears Prado
Edwin Jackson (Was - SP) One Bad Pitch
Doug Fister (Det - SP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Trevor Cahill (Ari - SP) Bloomington Baseball
Chad Billingsley (LAD - SP) Left Outs
Hiroki Kuroda (NYY - SP) Pioneer Skies
J.P. Arencibia (Tor - C) Bo Knows

Round 18

Jonathan Broxton (KC - RP) Bo Knows
Nick Markakis (Bal - OF) Pioneer Skies
Erick Aybar (LAA - SS) Left Outs
Danny Espinosa (Was - 2B) Bloomington Baseball
Frank Francisco (NYM - RP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Carlos Lee (Hou - 1B,OF) One Bad Pitch
Rick Porcello (Det - SP) Devil wears Prado
Jhoulys Chacin (Col - SP) Hosmer & Record 6
Kenley Jansen (LAD - RP) Bizarro Royals
Adam Lind (Tor - 1B) BackSliders

Round 19

Jhonny Peralta (Det - SS) BackSliders
Mike Moustakas (KC - 3B) Bizarro Royals
Mark Reynolds (Bal - 1B,3B) Hosmer & Record 6
Aaron Crow (KC - RP) Devil wears Prado
Matt Thornton (CWS - RP) One Bad Pitch
Dexter Fowler (Col - OF) Colorado TumbleWeed
Bryce Harper (Was - OF) Bloomington Baseball
Marco Scutaro (Col - SS) Left Outs
Ike Davis (NYM - 1B) Pioneer Skies
Justin Masterson (Cle - SP) Bo Knows

Round 20

Jason Kipnis (Cle - 2B) Bo Knows
Chris Sale (CWS - RP) Pioneer Skies
Johnny Cueto (Cin - SP) Left Outs
Aroldis Chapman (Cin - RP) Bloomington Baseball
Gaby Sanchez (Mia - 1B) Colorado TumbleWeed
Yunel Escobar (Tor - SS) One Bad Pitch
Alexi Ogando (Tex - SP) Devil wears Prado
Lorenzo Cain (KC - OF) Hosmer & Record 6
Johan Santana (NYM - SP) Bizarro Royals
Alfonso Soriano (ChC - OF) BackSliders

Round 21

Mike Aviles (Bos - 2B,3B,SS) BackSliders
Michael Pineda [keeper] (NYY - SP) Bizarro Royals
Brandon Beachy [keeper] (Atl - SP) Hosmer & Record 6
Greg Holland (KC - RP) Devil wears Prado
Neil Walker (Pit - 2B) One Bad Pitch
Vernon Wells (LAA - OF) Colorado TumbleWeed
Craig Kimbrel [keeper] (Atl - RP) Bloomington Baseball
Geovany Soto (ChC - C) Left Outs
Grant Balfour (Oak - RP) Pioneer Skies
Francisco Liriano (Min - SP) Bo Knows

Round 22

Freddie Freeman (Atl - 1B) Bo Knows
Wilson Ramos (Was - C) Pioneer Skies
Jose Bautista [keeper] (Tor - 3B,OF) Left Outs
Starlin Castro [keeper] (ChC - SS) Bloomington Baseball
Stephen Strasburg [keeper] (Was - SP) Colorado TumbleWeed
Adam Wainwright [keeper] (StL - SP) One Bad Pitch
Alex Gordon [keeper] (KC - OF) Devil wears Prado
Eric Hosmer [keeper] (KC - 1B) Hosmer & Record 6
Desmond Jennings [keeper] (TB - OF) Bizarro Royals
Grady Sizemore (Cle - OF) BackSliders


  1. Nice working loading all of the draft results into the blog. Great job!

  2. I didn't see Edgar Neal's name on the draft list. OH, he's a fan, not a player. Sorry about that.

  3. This is awesome, I can now see all my mis-steps much clearer now...Who is Edgar Neal?

  4. Regan - Check out March 23 blog post for the lawyer in Summit County.

  5. The bad and ugly. Today the Left Outs 20th round pick gave up 3 HR to two 38 year old guys born 3 days apart. May have to change the team name to the Look Outs. He may not go north with the club at this rate.