Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rockies > Broncos

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How can one compare two different teams that play two different sports?  Apples and oranges, I know.  But NFL teams and MLB teams have some statistics in common: wins and losses.  To account for the different number of games played in a season, let's focus on winning percentage.  Total number of wins divided by total number of games played equals winning percentage. 

After today's loss to the Houston Texans, the Denver Broncos are 1-2, with a .333 winning percentage.  After today's loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks–extending a now nine game losing streak–the Colorado Rockies are 58-94, with a .382 winning percentage. 

You read that correctly.  The Rockies are better at winning games than the Broncos.

I know what you (Jay) are probably screaming right now: "SSS!!!!1"  But are three games really that small of a sample size for the Broncos?  It equates to roughly 30 Rockies games, or about a month of baseball.  Yes, the Broncos have a lot of games left to play, but it isn't too early to start gaining perspective about the team.

The Rockies have ten games remaining.  They need to win at least five to avoid an infamous 100 loss season.  I have my doubts about their ability to do that. 

No matter what happens, the Broncos won't reach triple-digit losses.  But they are well on their way to spoiling high expectations for this season and ruining the legacy of a future hall-of-famer.  All the criticisms of Tim Tebow can be applied to Peyton Manning: poor decision making, inaccurate passes, settling for field goals too often, he's only good in the fourth quarter, etc.

The Broncos should have kept Tebow AND Kubiak.

This is a rough time to be a sports fan in Colorado.  Go Cards.  Go Expos Nats.

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  1. Of course, by that same logic, JT, should the Broncos beat the Oakland Raiders next week, they will go rocketing on ahead of the Rockies with a winning percentage at .500.
    It's all relative.
    Except for the immediate proximity of the Orange Kool-Aide. We have to keep the faith.