Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday Two-seam

Wow.  Everything just happened so fast.  Let's break this play down, shall we?

0:01 - Ian Kinsler appears to wink at Aaron Crow, just as he is coming set.
0:08 - Major course correction by Gordo.
0:10 - Unnecessary wall climb by Gordo.
0:12 - Gordo makes it tough on Geovany Soto, a fat catcher tagging from third, by throwing an absolute frozen rope flaccid rainbow back to the infield.
0:35 - "Athletes can do that."
0:54 - "Graceful?  NO."
0:58 - "...impressive?  Yes."

And, of course, the Royals went on to lose this game by one run.

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