Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday SIERA

Bud Selig has it all wrong.  Home field advantage for the World Series needs to be decided by a bunt competition!

From the video's YouTube description:
Before the Home Run Derby, some of the All-Stars held a bunt competition. Each player had 4 chances to lay down a bunt inside the point areas up either baseline. KIA's Lee Yong-gyu won. Lotte's Shane Youman came in last, but still got an interview (starts at 22:24).

A few observations:
1) It appears that there are actual umpires at this thing.  Good to know that the KBO takes the integrity of their bunt competition seriously.

2) Do they really need to immediately hydrate and towel down after bunting four times?

3) In 2006 and 2007, Shane Youman pitched 79.0 innings for the Pittsburgh Pirates.  His career ERA is 5.13 at the MLB level.

4) It really is worth it to watch all of the video.  Lee Yong-gyu, who won it, is the last participant.  He makes the bunt competition as funny as I can imagine a bunt competition ever being.

5) What's up with those scary big-head cartoon-character mascots?  Those things will probably give me nightmares tonight.

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  1. Baseball is a game of strategy. Sometimes the strategy is to hit a 5-run home run when there's no one on base. Most often the strategy comes down to small ball. Good thing Bud Selig in only the commissioner and not a manager.