Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Baseball Dream Theater

For some unknown reason, I find myself in the clubhouse of the Tampa Bay Rays.  I don't remember all of what was said, but at one point I comment on how I think the Rays have cool uniforms and colors.  Joe Maddon then proceeds to tell me that I can have a free Rays hat of my choice.  He leads me to an equipment room, where I see an array of various Rays caps.  I am cautioned to be sure about my choice.  

After browsing the hats, I settle on a columbia blue batting practice hat.  As I try it on, I look in the mirror and find that I am wearing a white batting practice hat.  I take off the hat, look at it, and find that it is blue once again.  Another glance at the mirror shows me holding a white hat in my hands.  The dream ends with me just standing there, confused by this impossible hat.

Oh well, I suppose it could be worse...

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