Saturday, October 27, 2012

Baseball Dream Theater III

We went to Game Three of the World Series, but somehow it was being played in San Francisco instead of Detroit.  Our seats were in the upper deck behind home plate, but for some reason, when I looked at the field I had an angle from center field.  

Logically, there were Giants fans everywhere, but I did manage to spot two fans wearing Rockies gear.  One was in a Troy Tulowitzki jersey. 

During batting practice, I caught with my bare hands a foul ball that had ricocheted off a stair step behind and to the right of me.  There were a couple more foul balls hit near us, but none of the other fans were able to make a clean catch like me. 

Despite being a reliefer, former Rockies farmhand Al Albuquerque started the game for Detroit, rather than Anibal Sanchez. 

Ryan Braun, clad in a navy alternate Brewers jersey, was the leadoff hitter.  I don't know why. 

In the Tigers half of the first inning, they had runners at the corners with Miguel Cabrera batting, but they didn't end up scoring any runs.  That's pretty much all the game action that I noticed. 

During the game itself, the radio broadcast was being played over the PA system, and Vin Scully was calling the game.  

Not surprisingly, I was blogging with my phone during the game.  One post asked Bud Selig to make Vin Scully the TV and radio broadcaster for all World Series games. 

I was taking a lot of pictures, and I guess I was enjoying the game in various stages of dress.  In one picture, I was shirtless.  In another, I was in my underpants. 

I was drinking can after can of soda–Pepsi and Coke–despite the fact that cans of soda are not sold inside the park.  I was keeping all the empty cans too, since they were special World Series commemorative cans.